Motor Planning Themes and Resources

At Pink Oatmeal we want to make motor planning easy for you.  We’ve taken the hassle out of any searching or planning by doing it all for you and creating all the resources you need!  Pink Oatmeal wants you to feel confident you will have fun and engaging gross motor and fine motor resources that you can use with the kids you work with today.  Check out our motor planning ideas below!

Whether you are browsing for ideas on the blog or shopping the hundreds of gross motor and fine motor resources in the shop Pink Oatmeal is your spot to get all of your themed motor planning resources you need! 

I suggest you bookmark this page so that you can easily refer back to it to help you with your motor planning needs! 

Navigating The Resource

This can be done in multiple ways.  If you are starting out I recommend going to the Monthly Motor Planning Ideas to check out all of the theme fine motor and gross motor ideas for that month.  Within the monthly motor planning there are links to more in depth explanations of the motor activities.  If you are coming to find a certain theme you can go directly to that theme as well under motor ideas, brain breaks, yoga, fine motor, or games! 

Monthly Fine Motor and Gross Motor Planning Breakdown

Check out themes and ideas for gross motor and fine motor planning for each month of the year.  Each month has associated themes and activities! 

Motor Planning Themes – Fine Motor and Gross Motor

This section gives you more in depth ideas on each theme.  It is a great resource for both your gross motor and fine motor activity planning year round! 

Check back often as monthly plans are added to and adjusted. 

Yoga Themes

Yoga can be turned into so many different themes.  Take a look at all of the different options as you explore the yoga themes section. 

Fine Motor Themes

This huge collection of fine motor resources will link you to different themed fine motor products.  These resources are excellent for combining fine motor practice with learning right into your theme! 


Year Long Resources for Gross Motor and Fine Motor Planning


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