Earth Day Kids Yoga

Do you have a great lesson set up for Earth Day?  Maybe you are missing just one extra thing to incorporate into an Earth Day theme or maybe your are looking for any kind of Earth Day activity out there!  Maybe you are ready to try something out of your comfort zone!  Earth Day kids yoga pose ideas may be just what you are looking for!

After you read about the yoga pose ideas, be sure to check out all of the Earth Day Gross Motor Activity ideas from Pink Oatmeal. 

Earth Day Yoga Pose Ideas! I love the reduce, reuse, recycle pose!

Earth Day Yoga Poses

Earth Day yoga is a fun way to add physical activity to your kids day.  When you add ocean yoga to your day you can feel confident that you and your kids will love this activity!  Save yourself time and effort and get Earth Day Yoga Cards to use right now.

Earth Pose

Mountain Pose – Bring your fingers together above your head forming a circle (the world) with your arms.

Tree Pose

Tree Pose 

Butterfly Pose

Butterfly Pose – Move your legs up and down like a butterfly fluttering it’s wings.

Water Pose

Sit with a tall spine with your legs straight out in front of you. Gently rock back and forth like you are floating on water.

Bird Pose

Dancer’s Pose – Flap your arms like a bird if you’d like!

Rock Pose

Child’s Pose

Hill Pose

Mountain Pose 

Flower Pose

Flower Pose

Fish Pose

Fish Pose – Make fish faces if you’d like!

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Pose

Bicycle Pose – Pedal your legs in a circle symbolize reduce, reuse, recycle.

Sprout Pose

Chair Pose – From this pose move to standing and spread your arms open wide above your head. 

Star Gazing Pose

Corpse Pose – Look at the stars and breathe in and out relaxing

Looking for an Earth Day Movement Game that can be played digitally? Look no further! Pink Oatmeal has the Earth Day Gross Motor Digital Game that you can play on your computer, tablet or interactive whiteboard. It is the perfect option for in person AND  distance learning. Your kids will LOVE this game and so will you.


Get Your Earth Day Yoga Cards and Printables

Think about how great it would feel to have everything you needed created for you to make Earth Day yoga happen now!  Not only will you have fun themed Earth Day movement ideas, but you can also feel confident knowing that you and your kids will love these moves and be so engaged in learning.  This is the perfect way to combine movement and learning!  Pink Oatmeal has everything you need ready to go.  Buy  Earth Day Yoga Cards today!





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