Spring Themed Gross Motor Ideas – 20+ Ideas

Spring is officially here!  As a Minnesota resident I am much appreciative of this season as it means that the end of the bitter cold is upon us.  To celebrate this start of Spring I’ve put together a huge list of fun Spring themed gross motor ideas and games!

Spring themed gross motor ideas. Over 20 different ideas for incorporating movement into a Spring theme.

Spring Themed Gross Motor Ideas

Adding gross motor to a child’s day is so important for learning and development.   Think about how great it would be to have all of your spring themed motor activities created and ready to go. On top of that, you can feel confident that your kids will be getting in physical activity that they love!    

Get started with the Puddle Jumping Gross Motor Game from Pink Oatmeal. This game can be played by turning on the music and moving until the song stops. When the song stops perform the action on the printable. 

Spring Themed Gross Motor – Puddle Jumping- A fun way to get the kids moving with a Spring theme! I'm using this the entire Spring! Great for home, physical therapy, occupational therapy or in the education setting!

Spring Themed Gross Motor to go with There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Frog

The Spring Themed Wheelchair Movement Game is another great option to keep with the spring theme!



This game can be printed too. You can have spring themed wheelchair printables to use anywhere you wish. Ideas for these printables include on a wall, door, in the hallway or part of a bulletin board. 

How about some different ideas for spring themed yoga? There is of course a “spring theme” that works perfect, but there are other themes that are fun during the spring season too! 

Who starts thinking about gardening in the Spring?  Check out these Garden Themed Yoga Pose Ideas!

What fun ways to incorporate movement into an insect theme! I love that these kids yoga poses are all insect, bugs, or creepy crawlers themed. Great for gross motor, preschool activities, kindergarten activities and beyond!

Insects, Bugs, and Creepy Crawlers are all a part of Spring, check out yoga pose ideas to go with these creatures!

Do you ever take a visit to the farm to check out all of the farm babies?  Check out these fun Farm Yoga Pose Ideas!

Here are even MORE Spring Themed yoga pose ideas!  Even better, make an obstacle course of spring themed yoga!



Check out this great way to add more gross movement into an egg hunt!

Speaking of egg hunts, how about a few fun ideas with plastic eggs. 

Plastic egg balance beam walk.

Plastic Egg Bosu

Plastic Egg Hurdles

Spring themed dice games are easy to print and play and kids love them. Add a gross motor twist and you have the perfect spring gross motor activity. 


In the race to the puddle game, you roll and dice and move across the game board. When you land on the space, you perform the gross motor activity on that space. Try not to land on the “back to start” space or you have to go back to the beginning. 

Ladybug dice is another fun spring themed dice and gross motor game. In this game, you roll the dice perform the exercise associated with the number on the dice and color in the lady bug. Try to get your entire game board colored first!

Speaking of ladybugs, how about counting some more of our favorite insects and bugs! Check out the two counting and movement games below that are perfect for spring. 

A great digital option that combines one to one correspondence with moving is the Ant Counting Movement Game.



Another must play digital option perfect for spring is the butterfly counting game. This is perfect for BOTH in person and distance learning. This game can be played on your computer, tablet, or interactive whiteboard. Your kids will LOVE this game and so will you.




Check out this fun flower picking game to get gross motor movement into the day!

Go digital and try the Spring Themed Gross Motor Game! Choose from different spring themed objects and move like them. A great in person, distance learning or teletherapy activity.



This game can be printed too. The printables can be used anyway you wish. The more creative the better! Use them in a hallway, a wall, a bulletin board, a door or as part of an obstacle course or game!

The Flower Vases Movement Game is a fun way to incorporate movement with a gross motor theme!

Create an obstacle course with a spring theme! Check out how a regular obstacle course or motor/sensory path is turned into a spring themed course using the Spring Themed Motor/Sensory Path Printables!

The Bumble Bee Relay is a fun game to use with one or an entire group of kids this Spring!

Check out the Rabbit Hole game to add a little gross motor play into your Spring theme!

Spring themed movement stories are so much fun! Take a peek at this spring themed movement story!


Simple, fast, fun, and effective ways to move with a Spring theme can be found with these simple Spring Brain Break Ideas.

Speaking of animals, check out these Five Little Ducks on the Pond gross motor game for the Spring!

The Gross Motor Flower Hop is another perfect gross motor game for the Spring season!

More fast, fun, and effective gross motor moves in a small space can be done in with these Easter Brain Break Ideas.

Check out this fun Butterfly Catch game for gross motor fun!

The Baby Bumble Bee is another great gross motor game for the Spring.

Check out these fun bug variations of Duck, Duck, Goose to add a little twist!

If you loved the gross motor ideas from Pink Oatmeal, be sure to check out all of the Spring Fine Motor Activities from Pink Oatmeal. 

Get even more gross motor planning ideas for all seasons and themes when you check out all of the gross motor planning ideas from Pink Oatmeal.


Get Your Spring Themed Gross Motor

Imagine how great it would be to have all of your spring themed motor done and created for you. You can feel confident that your kids will be getting in physical activity that they love and you love!  They will beg to do these activities over and over.    Get everything you need right now for spring themed gross motor activities when you buy the spring themed movement pack.

More Spring Resources

Pink Oatmeal has a huge collection of ready made motor skills resources for you! Save yourself time and effort and have it all done for you. Your kids will love all the different spring themed resources and so will you!

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