Hello! I’m Chanda, and I’m the voice behind Pink Oatmeal. I’m so glad you found my little corner of the Internet!

What does Pink Oatmeal mean you may ask?

Honestly, there isn’t a meaning. I started this website with the intention to learn a new skill, blogging. As my website grew, I found my niche. It has nothing to do with Pink Oatmeal, but the name stuck. 

So here we are, a movement and motor skills website named Pink Oatmeal. 



I live with my family just south of the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area in Minnesota. I have three young kids and they keep us busy running to activities and keeping it all together. We also have an adorable, but geriatric golden retriever that completes the family. You will see my kiddos used throughout the website a lot! They are fantastic helpers and love creating videos for you!

On the website you are going to find resources for parents, teachers, and therapists.  The majority of the resources are from birth through the elementary years with an emphasis on ideas and resources for motor development and physical activity.

I often get asked how did you decide to create resources?  The answer is I honestly didn’t decide to create resources, I always have.  I’ll let you in on a little secret.  I wanted to go into a design field in college, but was encouraged to do math and sciences landing me in physical therapy.  I’ve still always loved design so I created resources to use.  I was able to combine two things I loved into one. 

I have to give my mom all the credit, she is the one that told me I should be sharing and selling the resources I created.  That’s how the shop has evolved!

Now, many of the resources in the shop are inspired by my buyers! These are the people telling me what they need and I get to work making them happen. 

I hope you enjoy the website and find lots of great information and resources that you can put to use today!





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