Firefighter Yoga Ideas

Do you know any little firefighter lovers?  Maybe you need a little something extra for fire safety week?  Something that is really fun, but also provides loads of benefits for classroom, home or therapy session?  Check out these firefighter yoga poses.  You can even get your own free set of cards!


Firefighter Yoga Pose Ideas

When it comes to yoga and kids  I let the kids be creative with the poses.  I don’t focus on perfection, and I always make sure it’s safe and fun!

Fire Breathing – Start seated criss-cross on the floor.  Place your hands in front of your chest with the palms pressed together.  Breathe in and raise your hands over  your head likes flames in the fire.  Breathe out, clap your hands together and bring them back to in front of your chest. Repeat with each breath.

Fire Truck – Sit tall with your legs straight in front of you.  Make sure your back is nice and straight.  Hold your arms out directly in front of you and grab a steering wheel.  Move your arms like you are driving a fire truck!

Crawl -Start out on your hands and knees. Reach your right arm in front of you.  Reach your left leg behind you. Hold. Repeat on the opposite side.Continue repeating side to side like you are crawling.

Fire DogDownward Dog – Move your hips side to side to wag your tail!

Fire Hose – Stand tall.  Keep legs hip width apart.  Place your palms together in front of your body and slowly raise them above your head.  Bend forward at the hip.  Move side to side like you are putting out a fire!
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More Firefighter

So you’ve got your yoga, now be sure to check out even more ways to move with Firefighter Brain Breaks.  You can read about all the ideas here.  You can even grab a full set of 48 brain break cards with a firefighter theme in the shop  or on Teachers Pay Teachers today!

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    I think I typed my email wrong! I LOVE your stuff. I teach P.E. and I use your yoga pictures all the time with my K-2 kids.

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