Community Helpers Theme – Movement Activities

Community helpers are a very popular theme in the preschool setting or kindergarten classroom.  This theme involves discussing all of the different helpers out in the community.  Adding gross motor or movement to this theme can easily be done through yoga/movement cards or setting up movement stations.  Check out these different ideas for adding movement to a community helpers theme!

Community Helpers Theme -Movement Stations

Community Helpers Theme Movement Stations

The following stations consist of the following helpers. 

  • Veterinarian
  • Fire Fighter
  • Pilot
  • Gardener
  • Trash Collector
  • Lifeguard
  • Crossing Guard
  • Baker
  • Mail Carrier
  • Farmer

Veterniarian Station

This station is all about feeding the puppies that come to visit the vet!  In this station you need a dish (“dog dish”) and bones with action words on them. Have your child pick a dog bone, perform the action on the dog bone as they move to the dog dish to feed their puppies.  This can be played as an individual, in groups or as a relay!

Firefighter Station

This station is all about agility!  Use a “fire ladder” to work on agility skills.  This can be made with tape or chalk if you don’t have an actual agility ladder.  Follow the different agility patterns on the printables that you can get in the Community Helpers Movement Sations. 

Communty Helpers Theme Movement Stations Agility Drills Fire Ladders.

Community Helper – Pilot

This is all about creating the runway! Draw an airplane with an action on it (get them here) and perform this action as you run down the runway to take off! The runway can easily be created with tape or chalk! This can be played as an individual, group or teams! 

Trash Collector

This is so much fun!  Crumple up paper or tin foil and make balls on the floor.  Tape a square to the floor.  Use a pool noodle or broom to move all of the “trash” into the square.  This is played almost exactly like the video below! 


Gardener Station

In this station, Place large flower printables (or draw flowers) on the floor or wall around the room. The printables can be found in the Community Helpers Theme Movement Pack.  

  • Have the child draw a flower card.
  • The child then runs to find the flower that matches and perform the movement on that flower.
  • This can be played as an individual, groups, or teams.
  • Print as many cards/flowers as you need to fit your setting.

Mail Carrier Station

This one is all about getting the mail out in time!  You’ll need a mailbox (any kind of box you have around, I like a shoe box with slit cut in it) and the letters that need to be mailed (find them here). 

Place “mailbox” across the room. 

Place mail cards face down.

Before starting teacher/parent/therapist designates the number of reps that will be done.  For example, everyone will do 10 reps of each movement drawn.

How to Play:

  • Have child draw a mail card and perform the movement on the card.
  • Once the movement has been performed the child runs across the room to deliver the mail.
  • This can be played as an individual game, in groups or even as a relay.

 Baker Station

This station is all about mixing together the right ingredients for your baked goods! 

You’ll Need:  Scoop/tongs/spoon, cotton balls (this can be any kind of manipulative) and a stability ball.  Recipe cards (get them here). 

  • Lay over a stability/peanut ball.  If this is not possible have your child get on their hands and knees or lay on their stomach.
  • Draw a “recipe card”
  • Transfer the number of cotton balls or number of scoops as indicated on the recipe card. 

Community Helpers theme baking station

Crossing Guard

As a crossing guard it’s your job to make sure everyone gets across the street safely.  In this station you will work on navigating the path with some added exercise! 

You’ll Need:  Arrow Cards and Exercise Cards – Get them in the Community Helpers Theme Movement Pack

  • Print and laminate arrows and exercise drills.
  • Set up motor path for kids to follow using the arrows.
  • You may need to print out multiple arrows depending on how large you want to make your path.
  • Have kids follow path and completing the exercises as they come to them at the stop sign.

Community Helpers Theme -Lifeguard

As a lifeguard you get to spend your time at the beach!  At this station you will play a beach themed motor planning game.  See the video below. 

Needed:  Beach Ball Spots (Get them here)

  • Print, laminate, and cut out beach ball spots.
  • Place four to six spots on the wall.
  • Call out the color of the spot that you would like the child to touch.

Community Helpers Theme – Farmer

At this station you get to move like all of the animals on the farm! Hang up farm animal posters around “the farm” (Get them here).  Let the kids try move like the different animals on the printables.  Let them be creative with their moves.  

Community Helpers Theme Movement Stations

Are you loving these different ways to move with a community helpers theme?  Think of how great it would feel to have all the printables you would need to put this into action created for you?  The good news is you can have them all!  Feel confident you will have a fun way to add movement to your lesson when you get the Community Helpers Theme Movement stations

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