Animal Yoga Poses For Kids

Do you ever have that time when you just need your kids or classroom to get some of that energy out?! ? Are you looking for something that is quick and fun and at the same time is accomplishing the need to wiggle?  How about something that can engage the kids?  Most kids love animals (or at least the thought of animals), and most love animal moves.  Adding animal yoga poses and moves to any setting can be really simple.  Check out some of our favorite animal poses below!

Animal yoga poses for kids - different ideas for animal themed yoga poses and moves along with different animal themes. This makes kids yoga so much more fun! The kids love posing like animals they can relate too!

Animal Yoga Poses and Moves

When doing yoga and movement activities with kids, don’t stress about perfection.  Let the kids have fun moving their bodies and acting like different animals.  See even more tips and ideas on yoga for preschoolers and yoga poses for toddlers.

If you want even more ideas check out the animal walks and printable for kids post from Pink Oatmeal.


Start in a squatting position and leap up.  Repeat this action!


Do the waddle.  Pleas your knees together and walk or place a ball between them and go! Flap your arms if you’d like!


Make a trunk with your arms and swing it side to side!


Gallop like a horse and move in all directions.  Even try going backwards!


Stick your hands in your armpits and flap your wings.  Make sure to get good shoulder blade squeezes while flapping!


Do a bear walk by walking on your hands and feet!


Lay on your tummy.  Place your hands under your shoulders.  Push your chest off the ground.  Add a hiss like a snake.


Get on your hands and knees.  Arch your back and look at your belly button.  Return to resting position and repeat.


Start on hands and knees. .Lift hips up towards the sky by straightening your legs (hands remain on the floor). Let your head hang down.  Wag your tail if you would like!  Come out of position by lowering your knees back down to the floor.


Get on your hands and knees.  Lift one leg up behind you like you are doing donkey kicks.  Try to keep your back nice and flat.

Animal Yoga Poses For Kids - Ideas and Themes

Animal Yoga Themes

Are you looking to get even more creative with your animal yoga poses for kids?  Try out some of these different animal themes.  These are perfect to go with any lesson or unit!

Zoo Animal Yoga

There are so many different animals at the zoo!  Animal yoga poses for kids can be developed from all of these different animals.  See all of Pink Oatmeal’s ideas for zoo themed yoga poses.

Arctic Animal Yoga

The animals of the arctic make it fun and easy to do animal yoga and moves with kids.  Check out all of the arctic animal yoga ideas!

African Animal Yoga

Do your kids love learning about African Animals?  Make it even more fun by adding African Animal Yoga to the mix and let them move while learning!

Jungle Animal Yoga

Jungle animal yoga is a great option for a jungle theme or for kids that love jungle animals.

Pet Yoga

Pet’s are some of kids favorite animals!  Adding pet yoga and movements to the mix is the perfect way to incorporate themed animal yoga poses for kids!

Farm Animal Yoga

These farm animal yoga poses for kids are so much fun.  They also include a few non-animal things from around the farm!

Ocean Animals

Are you looking to move like ocean animals?  Check out all of the ocean themed yoga pose ideas!

Forest Animal/Woodland Yoga

How about some of your favorite forest animals or woodland animals?  Check out all of the woodland themed yoga pose ideas!

That’s not all.  There are even more themes! Check out all of the kids yoga themes!

Animal Yoga Cards For Kids

The shop at Pink Oatmeal has a huge variety of animal themed yoga cards for kids.  Choose from animal moves to any theme of animal yoga you could want.  Make animal yoga poses for kids simple and easy with your own set of yoga cards. Have confidence you and your kids will enjoy doing animal themed yoga poses and moves with these yoga cards for kids!



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