Reindeer Games Camp – Holiday Gross Motor

If you are looking for a fun gross motor themed activity to try this December, Reindeer Games Camp is a must!  It’s a really fun way to work on gross motor skills with a holiday theme.  In reindeer boot camp the kids will see all the work the reindeer have to do to get ready to pull Santa’s sleight at Christmas.  The kids will love this a so will you.

Holiday Gross Motor. Reindeer boot camp is a fun gross motor activity during the holiday season or Christmas time. It's the perfect Christmas gross motor activity for a classroom, therapy (OT, PT, SLP) or a fun activity for home!

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Reindeer Games Camp

You can set-up reindeer games camp in stations or do different activities each day.  It really depends on what fits your needs the best.  Pink Oatmeal members PLUS be sure to download your Reindeer Games station set-up signs for free! 


Reindeer Agility Drills

Set up an agility course with an agility ladder (affiliate link)or tape on the floor.  Have the kids work on moving through the agility ladders doing different patterns.  Use the free agility cards (not reindeer themed) in the freebie library or as a member get official reindeer agility cards from the members only product library.




Reindeer Cone Training







Reindeer need to be agile, quick and need good balance as they carry Santa in his sleigh.  Practice these gross motor skills with a cone training course.  Add even more ideas like weaving through cones, hopping over cones, or single leg stance cone taps.  Even more ideas are available in the member’s only video library.


Reindeer Run

Work on your different gross motor skills with the Reindeer Run Cards that are available for free in the freebie library. There are addition brain break cards, some with a reindeer theme, in the Christmas Brain Break Card set. 

Reindeer Life Cycle

Want to learn about the life cycle of a reindeer while moving? The Reindeer Life Cycle Game is a fun and engaging way to move and learn. This game can be played in a digital manner with PowerPoint, Google Slides or right in the PDF file or you can print and play as well. 


Below is an example of the game printed. It’s easy to put up on a bulletin board, wall, door or anywhere you desire!


Sleigh Pulling



Fill Santa’s sleigh with Santa’s helpers (friends) or toys/books/presents and work on pushing and pulling the sleigh.  Use a clothes basket, big box, wagon etc as Santa’s sleigh.


Reindeer Hoop Training



The reindeer need to be sure to help Santa get all the gifts in the right place.  By working on their hoop training they will improve on this skill.  A bean bag and hula hoop or tape circle are needed to perform this activity.  It may be fun to use Christmas balls instead of bean bags for this activity.


Reindeer Race

The Reindeer Race dice game is a fun addition to reindeer training. This game is part of the Christmas Brain Break, Yoga, and Games Pack. This game is fun to play in person, but also works great for distance learning or teletherapy.

Get this in the Christmas Brain Breaks, Yoga and Games Pack. 

Santa Present Stack

Help Santa stack the presents into the sleigh! Have fun playing the balance games trying to stack up all of the Christmas Gifts.  The balance board (affiliate) is from Amazon and theses are the cardboard blocks (affiliate).   If you don’t have a balance board you could try an air disc (affiliate) or using a pillow.  Tandem standing or single leg standing would work well for this activity too.  Instead of blocks you could wrap up cardboard boxes (a great way to add a fine motor component as well).

Digital Reindeer Boot Camp

Get some extra digital ideas for Reindeer Boot Camp! Take a visit to the North Pole to see Santa’s Reindeer and move!


This game can also be used as printables!  Make a bulletin board, put them on a wall, use them on a door. The possibilities are endless! 

Gross Motor North Pole
Reindeer Spinner
Want to add a spinner that can be played digitally (great for both in person and distance learning?) Get the FREE Reindeer Spinner from the Pink Oatmeal freebie library.






More Reindeer Training Videos

Even more training idea video’s can be found in the member’s only video library when you join the Pink Oatmeal membership.

Christmas Resources

Pink Oatmeal has a huge selection of Christmas and holiday themed resources ready for you now! Save yourself time and energy while having fun and engaging resources that your kids will love. Have these in your hands today!


You can also click on the name of the resource below to get a full detailed description of the individual resource. 

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