September Motor Planning

Hello September!  It’s this time of year that almost everyone is back in school or heading back to school.  It’s also a great time for apples and the beginning of fall.  I love September motor planning as it feels like a fresh start with the new school year in full swing.  Check out the ideas below for both gross motor and fine motor planning activities. 

September Motor Planning


September Gross Motor and Fine Motor Planning

Being that back to school varies depending on where you are located be sure to check out back to school motor planning ideas.  If back to school is the month of September for you, it’s the perfect time to add this to your motor planning routine.  I love all the fun ways to “get to know” the new friends with the new school year and how to add motor activities to it. 

The other themes that I have selected for the month of September include apples, fall, superhero and zoo! 

September Gross Motor and Fine Motor Planning – Apple Theme

With fall comes apples!  There are several different ways to turn this theme into fun motor games.  Apple picking and Johnny Appleseed are just the start of this theme. 

Apple Toss Apple Gross Motor Game

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September Motor Planning – Fall

Of course you can’t forget about a fall theme in September.  With the start of fall there are so many fun ways to incorporate this into your gross motor and fine motor planning.  The fall theme includes scarecrows, dice games, fall themed yoga and more.  

Read all the deatils about fall themed gross motor and fine motor planning.  

 Superhero Theme

The superhero theme is an absolute favorite theme!  It’s a fun theme to use early in the year to excite the kids.  The superhero theme involves ideas like supehero yoga, super stars game, and creating superhero masks.  

Check out all of the Supehrero Themed Activities and ideas for fine motor and gross motor.  

Zoo Theme

The zoo theme is another fun theme that the kidsreally can relate too!  There are fun gross motor activities and fine motor activities.

Start off your week with zoo themed yoga or zoo themed movement cards.  

The elephant trunk game is a super fun motor game!

Set up animal move stations or do more animal yoga – get the cards for FREE!

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More Motor Planning

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