St. Patrick’s Day Gross Motor Activities

St. Patrick’s Day is a great day to incorporate fun gross motor games.  As someone who is always searching for different ways to incorporate movement with different themes I’ve decided to put some of my favorites all in one place so they are easy to access and easy for others to find. Here is the run down of some great looking St. Patrick’s Day gross motor activities!

A HUGE list of St. Patrick's Day Gross Motor Activities! I love the Rainbow Relay, St. Patrick's Day Yoga, and Clover Hop!

St. Patrick’s Day Gross Motor Activities

The Rainbow Relay is a great way to get some movement in while learning the colors of the rainbow!

Rainbow Relay Shamrocks

Sticking with the rainbow theme try Popping A Rainbow Alphabet Game and learn letters while moving.

How about a digital game that includes Gross Motor Activities?  Check out the St. Patrick’s Day Brain Break Games!

The Clover Hop is the perfect way to get some of those wiggles out!

St. Patrick’s Day Gross Motor – Clover Hop A fun way to get the kids moving with a St. Patrick's Day theme! I'm using this all of March!

Add to your sensory or motor path or create your own St. Patrick’s Day themed obstacle course.  This can be done easily with the St. Patrick’s Day Motor/Sensory Printables.  See them in action below!

The Rainbow Ribbon Run is a fun and simple way to move!

Try add yoga to your St. Patrick’s Day with St. Patrick’s Themed Yoga poses. You have to check out these ideas!

St. Patrick's Day Yoga for Kids

Are you looking for something that incorporates a little throwing check out the Rainbow Throwing Activities.

Looking for something fast, fun, and effective that needs very little space – check out these St. Patrick’s Day Brain Break Ideas.

The Rainbow Scavenger Hunt incorporates lots of gross motor moves!

Add a little math and movement with the Shamrock Number Line Scavenger Hunt.

The St. Patrick’s Day Gross Motor Math Activity is another fun way to add math with movement.

Get out some yarn and Hunt For The Pot O’Gold!

Use streamers to Weave Through The Rainbow.

Rainbow Running adds a fun sensory component to the movement game!

Have some fun moving while you Dance Like a Leprechaun!

Check out this fun Rainbow May I Game to add a twist to the traditional Mother May I!

Try Musical Shamrocks and add a variety of gross motor moves!

Everything You Need For St. Patrick’s Day Gross Motor

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St. Patrick's Day Gross Motor

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