Dinosaur Themed Yoga

Who knows kids that are dinosaur crazy?  Honestly, at my house they are not.  I had made my oldest son’s bedroom a dinosaur theme and once he had an opinion that room switched to a sports theme.  That being said I’ve worked with tons and tons of kids that LOVE dinosaurs.  I started out with some fun dinosaur moves and have now expanded the dinosaur collection into dinosaur themed yoga.

Dinosaur themed yoga pose ideas. Fun ideas for a dinosaur themed party, classroom, or brain breaks. Great for preschool gross motor, therapy sessions, and more. Everyone will love these fun ways to move like a dinosaur!

Dinosaur Themed Yoga Poses

Each dinosaur yoga pose represents something associated with the dinosaurs.   Modify the poses as needed.  Let the kids enjoy the yoga and be creative with their poses.  If you really love this idea be sure to stop by the shop  to get your ready made set of cards and printables for your own use!

Dino Roar

Lion Pose – Roar like a dinosaur if you’d like!

Dino Egg

Child’s Pose

Dino Feet

Windmill – Reach for each foot crossing the midline of your body.


Extended Mountain Pose


Airplane Pose – Fly like a Pterodactyl

Baby Dino

Happy Baby Pose


Start on your hands and knees.  Reach one hand up to the sky as high as you can reach and hold for a few seconds. Switch sides and reach your opposite hand up to the sky and hold a few seconds. Repeat.

Walking Dinosaur

Start out on your hands and knees.  Reach your right arm in front of you.  Reach your left leg behind you.  Hold.  Repeat on the opposite side. Continue repeating side to side.


Cat Pose


Stand with your legs spread apart.  Turn your feet so they are slightly facing outward.  Slightly bend your knees and hold.  Move your hands in front of you like Tyrannosaurus Rex.


Tree Pose


Start seated criss-cross on the floor.  Place your hands in front of your chest with the palms pressed together.  Breathe out, clap your hands together like a volcano eruption and bring them back to in front of your chest.  Repeat with each breath.

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Dinosaur Themed Yoga Cards and Printables

Bring dinosaur themed yoga to your home, classroom or therapy with your own set of dinosaur cards.They are perfect to carry with you if you travel, to have as a free play option, or for brain breaks.  They are an excellent resource for therapists and special education teachers as well. There are two versions available from Pink Oatmeal – they are the same poses with a different presentation. 






Dinosaur Themed Movement Pack

How about having both sets of yoga and dinosaur themed brain break cards and SAVE money.  You can have all of it with the Dinosaur Themed Movement Pack.

Dinosaur Themed Motor Pack

Even better add Dinosaur Fine Motor Activities along with all the movement activities in the Dinosaur Themed Motor Pack!


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