Basketball Themed Gross Motor and Fine Motor Ideas

In March, it’s tournament time.  If you live in the same type of home that I do, there is no doubt you are aware of this.  Our television is flipping from one tournament game to another and even high school basketball tournaments.  Every once in a while I’ll even get in on a bracket.  The good news is that basketball is easy to apply to gross motor games and can easily be incorporated into gross motor planning this time of the year.  Check out some of these great Basketball Themed Gross Motor Ideas.

Basketball gross motor planning ideas. Fun activities for basketball season, March Madness, or tournament time. All these basketball themed activities have physical activity in mind! Great for your basketball activities or March Madness activities!

Basketball Themed Gross Motor Ideas

Need something fast and no equipment?  Check out these basketball brain break ideas and move your body like a basketball player!



A basketball theme is the perfect time to incorporate eye-hand coordination activities. If you have access to a basketball hoop use it, otherwise setting up hoops with pool noodle or hula hoops is a great option.  Toss a bean bag or ball through the hoop.  This is also a great time to try different bean bag games with a hoop.  Make a hula hoop look like a basketball hoop.

Modify this activity by adding squats, side steps,  and single foot standing.

Basketball is also the perfect opportunity to work on agility drills.  Use tape, an agility ladder, or chalk if your outdoors to make an agility course.  Here are some agility drill ideas to get you started.  

Be sure to stop by the Pink Oatmeal freebie library and get yourself the FREE footprints.  This way you can create your own agility ladders! 

Tabata drills – basketball players need to practice there agility and quickness outside of traditional ladder drills. Tabata drills are a fun way to do this.  There are several free “tabata timers” that you can download on your tablet or smartphone.

Basketball Relays – These can be done with one person going against their own time or several kids racing against each other.  Ideas for relays include dribbling, running with the ball, running backward with the ball, side shuffles, dribbling backward, jumping while holding the ball, and jumping backward while holding the ball.

Go Digital and play the basketball themed bilateral coordination game! This is a fun digital game that can be played on your computer, tablet or interactive whiteboard. This is a great option for BOTH in person and distance learning.


Traditional Basketball Games – Play some of the traditional games such as P-I-G or H-O-R-S-E.  You could even try a free throw shooting contest (or something much closer).

Basketball Freebie – Fine Motor Activity

The basketball dance is a fun fine motor activity that is perfect for basketball season or tournament time!  This game is free in the Pink Oatmeal freebie library!

 More Basketball Fine Motor

This is a great time to incorporate sports themed fine motor activities including basketball.  Check out the 9 different sports themed fine motor activities now.


TIP:  Do you have old trophies, ribbons, or medals laying around your home?  If so this may be a good time to make them useful again and give them out as awards for working hard on basketball gross motor skills.  This was one of the things that I’ve done with my old awards and the kids LOVE it! 

Get Started On Basketball Gross Motor Activities Now

Imagine how great it would be to have all of your sports themed motor activities done and created for you. You can feel confident that your kids will be getting in physical activity that they love and you love!  They will beg to do these activities over and over.    Get everything you need right now for sports themed gross motor and fine motor activities when you buy the Sports Themed Motor Pack.



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