Back To School Motor Planning

The school year is upon us!  It’s a busy time with lots of new friends and routines.  Physical activity and motor planning skills are still a must even in the first few weeks of school.  Combining movement and learning along with fun motor activities can make it easy to fit in physical activity and appropriate motor skills.  Check out these back to school motor planning ideas for back to school gross motor and fine motor activities.

Back to school gross motor and fine motor activities.

Back To School Motor Planning

This post goes through ideas for the first couple weeks of school, but if you want different themed ideas for the year you must check out the free themed motor planning resource

Start off by getting to know the school and the important people in the school.  This gross motor activity works on fun gross motor skills along with getting to know your school.  Not allowed to do all of these actions in the school?  Modify it a bit.  Jump up and down when you get to the gym.  March at the library, you get the idea. It’s available for you in the Freebie Library when you subscribe to Pink Oatmeal’s email list. 

***Depending on your situation, this may or may not be an option given social distancing and safety this school year.  

Now that you know your skill be sure to get to know your friends.  While getting to know them move and shake your bodies!  This fun game is all about finding friends who are willing to do some fun gross motor skills with you!   This game is available for you in the Freebie Library when you subscribe to Pink Oatmeal’s email list.  

***This could be a fun game done digitally (see the tutorial on how to turn PDF’s digital) or possible outdoors with appropriate social distancing.

Another great way to get to know your friends is with the get to know you gross motor game.  This game is all about moving your body when the card describes you. This game is available to members only!  

***This is another fun game that can easily be utilized during teletherapy/distance learning.  Read through the cards and let you child(ren) rspond through movement.  Also a great option with appropriate social distancing. 

Numbers and letters are always big for the beginning of the year.  Check out these fun activities that promote movement and motor skills while learning all about numbers and letters!

***These cards are a really nice option because they can be done in a socially distant manner and even better, outside if possible!

Alphabet Movement Cards include a fun way to move your body fore each letter of the alphabet!  You can get your own set

Do you want all yoga poses?  Be sure to check out all of these awesome alphabet yoga cards!

A video of my kids doing Alphabet Yoga!  Avoid partner poses if social distancing necessary. 

We can’t forget about fine motor options for back to school time.  Check out all of these great ways to work on fine motor skills with a back to school theme!  Here are some fun ideas – pom sort/dot markers, cutting, pre-writing lines, alphabet snap cubes, beading, tracing, and pencil control games.  All of these have a back to school theme making them fun for those first weeks of school! Use these at home, in your therapy sessions, or in your centers.   The back to school fine motor pack is available in the shop!

***I’ve heard of many different solutions to fine motor work.  Some are sending home fine motor kits, others are having kids bring their own tools to sessions, while others are having separate boxes for each kid! 

Digital Resources

Pink Oatmeal has digital resources perfect for back to school time whether you are doing distance learning, online learning, or in-person learning these resources are so much fun!  Use them on a computer, tablet, or interactive whiteboard

Back To School Gross Motor Digital Game

The Alphabet Digital Gross Motor Game is another great game perfect for the beginning of the year. 

Alphabet Digital Gross Motor Game


Want all your planning done and all the resources made for you?

You can have it all and more when you sign up to be a member with Pink Oatmeal.  All of your motor planning and physical activity done for you.  All of your resources made for you.  So much time saved!  No more scouring the internet looking and planning!

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