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Who doesn’t love the zoo?  We spend a lot of time at our local zoo.  It’s a favorite in both the summer and the winter.  It helps that we live close and have a season pass!  Zoo animals can play a  part in child development as well.  Think of how a child learns animal sounds, then names, and my favorite, how to move like a zoo animal.  Zoo animals can easily be incorporated into yoga for children.  Zoo yoga is fun from toddlers on up through the elementary years.


Zoo Yoga Poses

The kids go crazy over moving like animals at the zoo.  These poses are simple and can be modified to meet the needs of your kids.  Get started right now using Zoo Themed Yoga Cards and Printables.  Save yourself time and effort and feel confident you will have the perfect zoo themed movement activity. 


Downward Dog Pose – Get this pose in motion by walking like a bear on all fours if you’d like!


Tree Pose – This pose requires working on single leg balance skills like a flamingo.


Lion’s Breath – Encourage a BIG roar with this pose!


Cow pose – A great pose to use on it’s own and with a cat pose.


Chair pose – shift your weight side to side like a monkey and make monkey sounds.

Walk with your knees together.  A great way to make this work is to stick a ball between your legs and walk like a penguin.


Make an elephant trunk and swing side to side.


Get on your hands and knees and reach for the sky alternating arms making them as long as you can like a giraffes neck.


Cobra Pose – Be sure to hiss like a snake!


Plank or Modified Plank Pose – Getting low to the ground like a crocodile!

Polar Bear

Walk on hands and feet with knees off the ground like a bear!

Sea Lion

Upward Facing Dog – Adding the seal noises is a fun bonus in this pose!


Get Your Own Set Of Cards

Think about how great it would feel to have everything you needed created for you to make zoo yoga happen now!  Not only will you have fun themed space movement ideas, but you can also feel confident knowing that you and your kids will love these moves and be so engaged in learning.  This is the perfect way to combine movement and learning!  Pink Oatmeal has everything you need ready to go.  Buy Zoo Yoga Cards today!


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