Summer Gross Motor Planning – Printable Summer Activity Calendars

Summer is just around the corner!  Hooray!  School is out and many therapists and parents are looking for simple and fun activities to do with their kids or to send home with their kids.  At Pink Oatmeal, is all about gross motor planning.  This means that there are motor planning calendars for summer available for you!  These are part of the freebie library

Summer Gross Motor Planning - Free summer calendars

Summer Gross Motor Planning – Printable Summer Activity Calendars

Pink Oatmeal is giving out calendars that include a fun activity for each weekday for the summer months of June, July, and August.  These calendars also have links included for more in depth explanations of activities and more ideas.  On top of that free printables are part of the calendar activities each week.

While you are here be sure to check out all of Pink Oatmeal’s summer themed resources to use with your calendar.

The activities are designed to encourage movement.  If you click on the link it will take you to a more in depth explanation and several activity ideas so that you can perform the activities.  The blue writing indicates that you can get a free printable for that particular activity in the freebie library.


The download includes a gross motor planning calendar for all of June, July, and August.  Perfect to use all summer long! Print and use the summer activity planning calendars or keep them digital so you can easily click on the link to access the activity when you need it!

The calendars have been updated so that they can be used for any summer and are not specific to any date!  

These summer activity calendars would be a great option to send home with kids over the summer, use for your summer gross motor planning needs , or for parents to use with their kids at home to motivate the kids to stay active instead of in front of a screen all day!


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