Pirate Theme Brain Breaks and Yoga

Pirates seem to be quite a popular theme with the kids that I’ve worked with in the schools.  What I like about the pirate theme is that it is quite easy to incorporate into movement.  Pirates search for treasure, sail on boats, walk the plank, read maps etc.  All of which can be incorporated into movement with a pirate theme!

Kids yoga and movement or brain break ideas with a pirate theme!

Pirate Theme Yoga

Parrot Pose

Airplane Pose – Now flap your arms like you are a parrot!

Walk The Plank

Tandem Standing – Stand with your right toe touching your left heel.  Don’t lose your balance and repeat on the opposite side.

Palm Tree Pose

Tree Pose

Pirate Ship Pose

Boat Pose

Cannon Pose

Dancer Pose 

Barrel Pose

Happy Baby Pose – Roll like a barrel!

Fish Pose

Fish Pose – Move your mouth like a fish!

Yo-Ho-Ho Breathing

Hands on your stomach – Focus on breathing in and out!

Pirate Pose

Mountain Pose 

Treasure Pose

Forward Fold – Dig into your treasure box!

Pirate Theme Brain Breaks

These are a great way to keep kids active.  Determine the duration and distance based on your needs and the needs of the kids!

Walk The Plank

March Around, Tip Toe Around, Walk Backward, Walk Heel To Toe, Walk On Your Heels, Side Step Around, Scissor Step Walking (Right Foot Lead), Scissor Step Walking (Left Foot Lead)

Sail The Ship

Boat Pose, Right To Left Foot Hops, Spin the wheel (spin in place), Single Foot Hop Across A Room

Follow The Map

Mountain Climbers, Swim Across A Room, Gallop Around A Room, Crawl Across A Room

Treasure Hunt

Squat, Lunge, Up and Down on Your Toes, Up and Down on Your Heels

Read The Clues

Sequence Patterns: Example Jump, Spin, Clap Repeat – Any Action With Repetition,

Pirate Party

YMCA, Macarena, Limbo, Dance Party, Hokey Pokey, Cha-Cha Slide, Freeze Dance

On The Land

Jump Across The Room, Skip Around The Room, Bicycle, Jumping Jacks, Fly A Kite (Kite Pose), Run In Place, 3 Legged Walk, Knee Walking

On The Boat

Captain (Simon Says) Says, Parrot Pose, Back Trace, Heads Down Sails Up (Heads Down Thumbs Up)

Pirate Digital Games

You know what else is fun when it comes to a Pirate Theme? Playing a pirate themed digital game that incorporates movement! This game can also be printed and used as printables!


Know what goes great with pirates? Mermaids! You can get a movement game with a mermaid theme at Pink Oatmeal too! Meet the mermaids, get to know their names, and move like them. This can be played digitally or you can print it and use it that way too!


Get Your Own 

Do you love the idea of pirate yoga and brain breaks but want it accessible and easy to use at all times? I don’t blame you!  I have them available for you in the shop!   There are both brain break cards and 2 options for yoga cards available!

Brain Break Cards

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Pirate Yoga Cards and Printables

There are two different sets of yoga cards with a pirate theme for you to choose from (or get both!).  Each set of cards and printables has the same poses, but different presentations for you to choose which works best in your setting (you may even want both sets!).   The first set offers pirate themed pictures along with descriptions of the poses.  This set does not include pictures of kids in the poses.  Check them out below!

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Pirate Movement Pack

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