Valentine’s Day Motor Planning

Valentine’s Day will be here in just a few short days.  Valentine’s Day often comes with Valentine’s Day parties or celebrations.  It’s also the perfect time to go with a Valentine’s Day theme for your motor planning.  There are a lot of fun ideas out there that can be used for gross motor time, fine motor skills, brain breaks, and getting physical activity in with a Valentine’s Day theme.

Valentine's Day themed motor planning ideas. Gross motor Valentine's Day ideas and fine motor ideas with a Valentine's Day theme. Use these ideas in the classroom, home, or therapy!

 Valentine’s Day Gross Motor Games

There are so many great Valentine’s Day activities that are perfect for incorporating movement, gross motor skills and fine motor skills with a Valentine’s Day theme!

Conversation Heart Pick Up - Pink Oatmeal

The conversation heart hop is a must to try!

Have you tired Valentine’s Day Yoga yet?  Pose like cupid or like you are delivering a card!

How about delivering Valentine’s? Check out the Valentine’s Day Delivery Relay where you can get the job done fast!

Valentines Day Delivery Gross Motor Game - Pink Oatmeal

Valentine’s Day Brain Breaks are fast, fun, and effective movement ideas that can be done quickly with no props needed!

Creating obstacle courses or motor/sensory paths are fun and pretty easy with the Valentine’s Day Sensory and Motor Path printables.  I especially like how easy it is to change them up by switching up the printables or changing the arrangement.  Check out one way of setting it up in the video below.  I also love to add the handprints to the wall for more vertical surface work!

No time to prep anything?  No worries, try Conversation Heart Brain Breaks that are digital!  Pull these up where you can utilize PowerPoint.  Project on your white board and let the kids pick their conversation hearts and move their bodies.  No white board?  Try playing it on your tablet(that’s what I do) with the free PowerPoint app.  A great option for traveling therapists.

The Valentine’s Day Dance board game is a fun matching and moving game that is available for members only.

The Valentine’s Day Fine Motor Activities are a must for Valentine’s Day week.  Read all about the different fine motor activities for Valentine’s Day.

Get your free Valentine’s Day Flowers fine motor activity in the freebie library.

Valentine's Day Fine Motor Activities that are perfect for preschool or kindergarten. These fun Valentine's Day fine motor activities could easily be incorporated into occupational therapy as well. A fun way to work on fine motor skills!

Valentine’s Day Motor Planning

Love these ideas, but don’t have the time or resources to get it all put together on your own?  Pink Oatmeal has your back.  Get everything you need for your Valentine’s Day gross motor and fine motor activities.

Valentine’s Day Motor Pack

The Valentine’s Day Motor Pack has LOTS of fun ways to work on both gross motor and fine motor skills with a Valentine’s Day theme.   No more worrying about what activities you need to do!

Valentine’s Day Movement Pack

Looking for gross motor and physical activity ideas?  The movement pack has everything for gross motor and physical activity with a Valentine’s Day theme.  Don’t stress about figuring out activities with a Valentine’s Day theme.  It’s all done for you!


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Valentine's Day Gross Motor Games - Pink Oatmeal

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