Wetland Themed Yoga

The kid in the back of the classroom is wiggling.  The girl next to the window continues to tap her pencil.  The boy right in front of you looks like he is half asleep and all you want to do is get through teaching your habitats lesson!  What can you do about this?  How about giving the kids the opportunity to move to get there brains ready to learn again?  I’ve got the perfect way for you to do this.  The best part of it all is that you can still capture a part of your lesson by letting the kids move!  Try yoga with Wetland theme!  Heck you could do yoga with an ocean, desert, woodland, arctic or rainforest theme too!

Yoga pose ideas with a wetland theme! I love the habitat theme and incorporating all the wetland elements into kids yoga!

Wetland Yoga Poses

Each pose represents something associated with a wetland or pond.  Whether  you are posing like a dragonfly or a bullfrog be sure to enjoy your yoga!  Modify the poses as needed.  Let the kids enjoy the yoga and be creative with their poses.  Save yourself time and effort and get ready made wetland themed yoga cards and printables in the shop.

Trout Pose

Fish Pose – Move your lips like a fish!

Blue Heron Pose

Airplane Pose – Flap your arms like a bird!

Cattail Pose

Mountain Pose – Move side to side like you are swaying in the wind!

Alligator Pose

Plank Pose – Modify it by going on your knees while planking.

Dragonfly Pose

Butterfly Pose – Move your legs up and down like a fireflies wings!

Bullfrog Pose

Squat on the floor with your weight on your toes.  Spread your knees as far apart as you can.  Make sure your hands are in between your knees on the floor. Look up and breathe in. Breathe out and look down and try to straighten your legs as much as you can.

Duck Pose

Place your knees together or place an object between your knees.  Point your toes on both feet out to the side. Walk in all directions keeping your knees together or keeping the object secure between your knees.

Flower Pose

Flower Pose

Log Pose

Mountain Pose or Corpse Pose

Muskrat Pose

Start out kneeling making sure you are sitting back on your heels.  Place your hands on your knees. Spread your fingers out wide. Take a deep breath in and raise up into tall kneeling. Hold and lower back down. Repeat.

Snapping Turtle Pose

Turtle Pose

Beaver Pose

Start out on your hands and knees. Reach your right arm in front of you. Reach your left leg behind you. Hold. Repeat on the opposite side. Continue repeating side to side.

Crayfish Pose

Stand with your legs spread apart. Turn your feet so they are slightly facing outward. Slightly bend your knees and hold. Move your hands in front of you like a crayfish opening and closing your fingers.

Snake Pose

Snake Pose

Wetland Yoga Cards

Do you love the idea of wetland yoga, but want it accessible and easy to use at all times? I don’t blame you!  Think about how great it would feel to have everything you needed created for you to make wetland/pond yoga happen now!  Not only will you have fun themed wetland movement ideas, but you can also feel confident knowing that you and your kids will love these moves and be so engaged in learning.  This is the perfect way to combine movement and learning!  Pink Oatmeal has everything you need ready to go with several options.  Buy Wetland Yoga Cards today!







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