Halloween Yoga Pose Ideas

Now that the end of September is here, can we start talking Halloween?  I think we can.  Heck, the stores have had Halloween costumes out for well over a month.  Some stores even have Christmas out.  I’m not quite ready for that.  Now that we are talking Halloween, let’s talk about some fun ideas for Halloween yoga poses.

Fun kids yoga pose ideas with a Halloween Theme!

Halloween Yoga Pose Ideas

When it comes to yoga and kids  I let the kids be creative with the poses.  I don’t focus on perfection, and I always make sure it’s safe and fun! Pink Oatmeal even has ready to go Halloween Yoga Cards and Printables that you can get your hands on right now!


Black Cat


Cat pose – Add a meow!


Frog Pose – Add a jump if you’d like!


Sit on your bottom with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor.  Place your hands on the floor behind your hips.Straighten out your elbows and lift your hips towards the ceiling.  Try walk like a spider!


Stand tall with your feet together.  Reach towards the ceiling as high as you can with both hands.  Slightly bend  both knees and hold  the position.  Think of yourself as a witch flying on a broom.


Happy Baby Pose

Spooky Tree

Tree Pose – Sway side to side if you can, like a tree blowing in the wind.


Stand with your feet shoulder width apart.  Reach your hands out to the side as far apart as you can. Now bring your hands in front of you. Take steps forward without bending your knees. Don’t forget to breathe!


Start in tall kneeling.  Reach out to the side with both arms. Lean side to side like you are a ghost flying on Halloween night.

Googly Eye

Stand tall with your feet spread apart. Bend forward at the hips.  Look between your legs and make googly eye faces! Line the kids up or have them do it in a circle so they can see each other!


Moon Pose


Airplane Pose – Flap your arms like a bat flying through the Halloween night sky!

Halloween Yoga Resources and More

Get your hands on ready to go Halloween yoga from Pink Oatmeal. Save yourself time and effort by having it all done for you! Your kids will be engaged and you can use these year after year. On top of it all, Pink Oatmeal has several different gross motor and fine motor skill Halloween themed activities for you to choose from!

Halloween Resources From Pink Oatmeal

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