Football Gross Motor and Fine Motor Planning

It’s that time of the year when most people are watching football in some way.  Maybe they are just watching the big game for the commercials but football is the theme.  I love the football theme because it can be used across so many different age ranges!  Kids can really relate to it, both boys and girls.   This time of the year is the perfect time to fit in some football gross motor and fine motor planning activities!

Football Gross Motor and Fine Motor Planning

All of these activities are football related with physical activity, gross motor, and fine motor in mind.  Most of these activities are fun for kids of all ages!

Start off with a simple football themed matching activity that incorporates movement that can be found in the freebie library.

Football Gross Motor Game. Fun brain break or game for a party with a football theme!

Try the football relay.  Do this in teams or as individuals.

Football activities! These football movement and physical activity ideas are perfect for a classroom, preschool gross motor, physical education, PT, OT, or SLP. The football theme makes it fun for fall or autumn gross motor and brain break ideas! They also are a great addition to the Super Bowl. The kids love them year round!

Need something fast, fun, and efficient?  Football themed brain breaks are for you! Check out all the ideas to move with a football theme.

Basic agility drills are great at this time of the year too.  Set hula hoops down side by side and practice drills.  You could also use sidewalk chalk and do several of these agility drills.  You could spend a lot of time making different obstacle courses out of different agility drills! Use printables to change up the agility course so it seems new each time!



You could even grab the free footprints out of the freebie library to change up the agility course that way! 


Football Digital games are a must try! They are great in person and for distance learning or teletherapy. 


This is also a great time to work on shuttle runs or relays.

The Race to the End Zone board game is a fun game to play in person or use it for distance learning/teletherapy!


If you have  hula hoops or speed rings (affiliate link) use these to set up a tire course.

Sports yoga is another fun idea to add to your football or Super Bowl theme!

Any type of strengthening or fitness activities are perfect for this week as they can easily be incorporated into a sport theme.  See fitness activity visuals here.  

Of course it’s a good time to work on eye-hand coordination.  Incorporating toss games, such as throwing a football through a suspended hula hoop or pool noodle (in circle form) is a great way to work on this skill.


Football Themed Fine Motor

A sports themed fine motor activity is perfect for your football week.  You can get these ready made for you in the sports themed fine motor activities pack! 

Football Gross Motor For You

Need something quick to get you started on football today or just don’t want to take the time to put it all together?  We’ve got you covered with several fun ways to move with a football theme.

Football Brain Breaks

These brain breaks are designed to be fast, fun, and efficient.  All have a football theme and many can be done in small spaces.  Perfect for a classroom, therapy, physical education and home.


Football Movement Games

This packet is full of fun ways to incorporate movement with a football theme.  Some favorites include race to the end zone (dice game), football dance, and football relay.  There is a ton to choose from in this packet.  It’s a great variety pack!

Sports Fine Motor

Perfect for your football theme is the sports themed fine motor activities!  Check these out in the sports themed fine motor activities pack today!


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