Pet Themed Yoga

Pets are a big part of the family. ¬†I know that are beloved golden retriever Lucy sure is! ¬†If only I could stop her shedding! ¬†Most kids love to talk about their pets and tell you all about them. ¬†I’m sure I’m not the only one who has assumed that the pet was a human member of the family until I later found out! ¬†That’s just how much they can be loved by kids…and adults. ¬†Pets come in all shapes and sorts which makes them perfect for pet themed yoga!

Pet Themed Yoga. I love that the yoga poses are associated with pets. Perfect for kids yoga!


When working on pet yoga poses don’t worry about perfection.¬† Let the kids have fun moving their bodies like pets.¬† If you love all of these ideas, Pink Oatmeal has you covered for yoga cards.¬† See the different pet yoga cards that Pink Oatmeal has to offer.


Cat Pose – Add a meow when breathing out!


Downward Dog Pose


Squat and Hop – Repeat!


Turtle Pose


Fish Pose – Move your face like a fish!


Cobra Pose – Hiss like a snake!


Airplane Pose – Flap your arms like a bird!


Bicycle Pose – Run your legs like running on a hamster wheel!


Child’s Pose – Be as quiet as a mouse!

Guinea Pig
Chair Pose – Hold and breathe!

Pet Yoga Love - Pink Oatmeal

Showing Lucy some love.  Not sure how much she was loving it!


love this idea, but you just don’t have the time to create it?¬† Pink Oatmeal has you covered.You can easily do pet¬†yoga with¬†your own set of Pet¬†Yoga Cards.¬† ¬†Check out all of the options available from Pink Oatmeal for Pet Themed Yoga.

Pet Movement 

Save big on all things pet movement when you purchase the Pet Movement Bundle.  This is by far your best deal when it comes to adding movement with a pet theme.


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2 thoughts on “Pet Themed Yoga”

  1. It would be wonderful if a video was made with all of these wonderful ideas! I love using yoga with my preschoolers and they truly enjoy it as well! Last week they requested we begin a study of pets…this would fit perfect! I’ve pulled several children’s yoga videos from youtube that my children actually request weekly and they are getting quite good. Please consider!

    1. Thanks for reading! It is definitely one of the things on my list of considerations in the future. You can get the cards that have full explanations of the poses right now. They also include pictures of the pets. The kids I work with LOVE them. They take turns picking the cards and doing the poses!

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