Ocean Themed Gross Motor and Fine Motor

The ocean is a great theme for gross motor and fine motor activities!  The ocean life and ocean activities make it fun and easy to incorporate movement into your gross motor planning.  Whether you are a teacher, therapist, or parent these ocean themed fine motor and ocean themed gross motor planning ideas are for you!  Be sure to check out all of the motor planning ideas from Pink Oatmeal.

Ocean Motor Planning Ideas - Ocean fine motor activities and ocean gross motor activity ideas.

I LOVE this idea from Toddler Approved.  It is such a fun and versatile activity that can be modified for all different levels of motor skills.  This activity could be done in high kneeling.  In prone on a scooter board or used as a squatting activity.

Sea Themed Motor and Sensory Play
Ocean themed yoga is the a perfect way to get the kids moving.  The kids get to move their bodies to be just like all the different creatures of the sea/ocean such as a crab, octopus and whale!  You can read all about the different movements/poses in this blog post!   These are seriously the best!  The kids are so engaged!

Ocean themed yoga pose ideas. Perfect for an ocean unit activity, beach activities, brain breaks, or kids yoga. Use these all year long and have fun with the ocean theme!

How about some fishing this week?  Check out this fun idea for fishing.  Yes, those are candy canes, but using pipe cleaners would probably work well too if you don’t have candy canes on hand.

Love simple moves?  Then you’ll love these Ocean Themed Movement Cards!

Go Digital

Try this fun ocean themed digital game.  These can be played on a computer, tablet or interactive whiteboard.  An awesome option for distance learning.


How about a mermaid theme to go with your ocean unit? Meet the mermaids, get to know their names, and move like them. This can be played digitally or you can print it and use it that way too!


Another great option is the beach themed digital game available in the freebie library!

Island Hopping  a fun ocean themed gross motor game!  Use paper, sit spots, or pillows to play this game!

When you think of the ocean how about surfing?!? Pink Oatmeal has an awesome surfing themed gross motor game that works on one to one correspondence along with movement! This game can be played on your computer, tablet, screen cast onto a television or played on an interactive whiteboard. This is a great option for BOTH in-person and distance learning.


A great fine motor activity with an ocean theme, this is such a cute octopus by Buggy and Buddy!  This could also easily be incorporated  into a gross motor game!

Sea Themed Motor Play
I love this sand dough from mama.papa.bubba!  Perfect for working on fine motor skills and can easily be incorporated into gross motor games.  Picking up shells from the floor and moving to stand, up steps etc.

sand dough mama.papa.buba.
The sea shell transfer is great way to incorporate fine motor sea play and turn it into a gross motor relay from House Of Burke.

Sea Themed Motor Play
Ocean Scooter Boards – Have the kids laying on their stomachs and place fish on the floor.  Fish can be plastic fish (this is what I use), fish on paper, paper cut fish etc.  Have students scoot around picking up the fish.  Next, try it in sitting on the scooter board!

Ocean Fine Motor Activities – Eleven different easy, quick, and fun ocean themed fine motor activities can be found in the ocean themed fine motor activities pack.  This is a must to save you time and effort and leave you feeling good about your ocean themed fine motor activities.

Ocean Themed Activities

Think about how great it would feel to have everything you needed for ocean themed fine motor and gross motor skills created for you and ready to use now!   Not only will you have fun ocean themed motor activities, but you can also feel confident knowing that you and your kids will love these while at the same time working on motor skills.  This is the perfect way to combine movement and learning!  Pink Oatmeal has everything you need ready to go.  Buy the Ocean Motor Pack today!

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