Winter Yoga For Kids

The winter solstice has come and gone.  When I look out the window I don’t really recognize it as winter yet, even in Minnesota.  Truthfully, I’m not complaining, but I realize that it’s only a matter of time before winter is in full swing around here. Yoga is a great way to stay nice and toasty inside, especially when those temperatures go subzero.  If you haven’t ever experienced that temperature, consider yourself lucky!  A winter theme can easily be integrated into yoga poses making it even more fun.  My winter themed yoga consists of poses for the season and poses for the holidays that occur during the winter!

Winter Yoga For Kids - Pink Oatmeal

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Winter Yoga For Kids

A winter theme can add a little extra fun to yoga.  Winter is one of the best times to incorporate yoga and get those wiggles out!  If you love these pose ideas you can get ready made cards with full instructions in the shop.  Don’t miss out on your chance to get the FREE winter yoga story from the FREEBIE library using these poses!

Snow Dog Pose  

Downward Dog –  Wag your tail in the snow!

Snowman Pose  

Star Pose

Ice Skater Pose 

Dancer Pose –  Imagine gliding across the ice!

Ski Pose

Chair Pose – Move your hips side to side like you are skiing!

Sled Pose 

Staff pose or Seated Forward Fold Pose – Imagine you are flying in a sleigh!

Snowflake Pose

Stand with your feet wide apart.  Reach your hands out to the side as far apart as you can.  Remember to keep your body nice and tall.  Spin and twist like a falling snowflake!

Snowball Pose

Happy Baby Pose – Roll side to side like a snowball!

Snowboard Pose

Warrior Pose

Snow Tree Pose

Tree Pose – Shake off the snow!

Snow Fort Pose

Reverse Warrior

Build A Snowman Pose

Squat down to the floor.  While holding this position work on rolling your snowball to make your snowman. Stack your snowballs on top of each other to make your snowman  Be sure to breathe!

Winter Yoga Obstacle Course

Along with the Winter Yoga story we also love to use yoga in obstacle course format!


More Winter Gross Motor Ideas

Now that you’ve worked on winter fine motor activities, how about checking out a few of these winter gross motor activities!

Winter Themed Gross Motor Ideas

Winter Themed Yoga Story

Snowflake Hop

Winter Games Gross Motor Activities

Snowball Relay Winter Movement Game

Indoor Ice Skating Winter Gross Motor

Winter Yoga Cards

Save yourself time and effort and grab Winter Yoga Cards from Pink Oatmeal. These cards are ready for you to use right now with adorable designs and poses that were created with kids in mind!

Get all of the different versions of Pink Oatmeal’s Winter Yoga in a pack.  This pack is by far the best value and contains a BONUS winter story book.  Don’t miss out on your chance to get the winter yoga pack.

Winter Resources From Pink Oatmeal

Pink Oatmeal has a huge selection of winter resources for you to choose from. Get everything you need to work on motor skills all winter long!


Click on the name of the images in the photos below to get a full detailed view of the winter resource available at Pink Oatmeal!

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