Christmas Motor Planning Ideas

The holiday season is here and it is a busy time of the year.  I want to take motor planning off your plate this month and make this a little bit easier for you.  I’m sharing with you some of my favorite Christmas motor planning ideas.  The Christmas motor planning ideas include both holiday themed fine motor and gross motor activities.

Christmas motor planning ideas. Fine motor and gross motor activities with a Christmas theme are perfect for the month of December. Use these Christmas activity ideas for the classroom, home or therapy (OT, PT, or SLP). A great option for the entire month of December.

Christmas Motor Planning Ideas

The following activities are perfect for the month of December and especially fun right before the holidays.  All of the activities are designed with physical activity and motor planning in mind!

Christmas Tree Fine Motor

Decorate the Christmas tree with this fun fine motor activity.  Use poms or manipulatives of your choice to decorate the tree.  Use a tongs or fingers to transfer the manipulatives to the tree.  You can find this activity in the Christmas Fine Motor Pack.

Stacking Gifts

Have fun playing the balance games trying to stack up all of the Christmas Gifts.  The balance board (affiliate) is from Amazon and theses are the cardboard blocks (affiliate).   If you don’t have a balance board you could try an air disc (affiliate) or using a pillow.  Tandem standing or single leg standing would work well for this activity too.  Instead of blocks you could wrap up cardboard boxes (a great way to add a fine motor component as well).

Christmas Motor Planning – Reindeer Run

Move like each of Santa’s reindeer with the Reindeer Run Brain Break Cards.  This is a fun way to get up and move during the holiday season.  Get your set of Reindeer Run cards in the freebie library.

Christmas Printable Activities. All of these different printables promote physical activity! They are perfect for holiday party activities, Christmas brain breaks, Christmas themed gross motor or Christmas kids yoga! #Christmasprintables #ChristmasActivities #Christmasbrainbreaks #holidayactivities

Christmas Motor Planning – Pre-Writing and Pencil Paths

Pre-writing strokes are important and need to be in place before trying to work on actual letters.  I like to laminate these pre-writing strips to use them over and over.  Dry erase markers work great for writing.  I like to use the pencil paths the same way by laminating and using them over and over again.  The Christmas theme is perfect for this time of year.  These can be found in the Christmas Fine Motor Pack.

Go Digital – Can Also Be Used As Printables

Need ideas that work great for both in person and distance learning or teletherapy? The digital games are for you! Choose from a variety of games from Pink Oatmeal that are perfect for the holiday season! The best part is these games can also be printed and used as printables. 

Everyone loves a good holiday sweater. Now you can play a game that features these wonderful holiday sweaters! 


Take a visit to the North Pole and move! Pick from your favorites in the North Pole!


Work on making cookies with cookie dough (play dough) as you solve problems. The perfect way to combine problem solving with fine motor work. 


How about a Gingerbread Escape? Solve the problem and move in the Gingerbread Escape Room!


Holiday Themed Wheelchair Yoga is another great option! This game incorporates Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa into the movement. Pick a holiday object and move!


Movement stories are a great way to engage kiddos! The Holiday Movement Story is perfect for this time of the year!


Santa’s Sleigh

Load up Santa’s sleigh (clothes basket) and push or pull.  This can be loaded with gifts, books, or even a friend.  

Holiday Hop

A fun way to get in gross motor fun is with the Holiday Hop game.  Read about how to play this game.

Christmas Gross Motor Game! The holiday hop is the perfect way to get the kids moving during the holiday season. The holiday hop is perfect for preschool gross motor, brain breaks, or physical education. The game is so fun for physical therapy, occupational therapy or speech therapy. #christmasgrossmotor #holidaygrossmotor

Santa Boots Motor and Sensory Paths

Create a sensory/motor path with Santa’s boots and by adding holiday themed printables to the wall.  I like to set this up by following Santa’s boots along the path and then stopping to perform the activity on the wall such as a yoga pose or tracing on a vertical surface.  Then continuing down the path until you reach the next activity.  These holiday themed ideas could also be integrated right into a sensory/motor path that you have already created.   Get the entire Christmas Themed Sensory and Motor Path already created for you! 

Add an agility ladder to make this path even more challenging! 

Hanukkah Gross Motor Games

Not Christmas, but a great option for this time of the year. The Hanukkah Gross Motor Games come with both a printable and digital option. Play spin the dreidel or race to the menorah! Even try out some Hanukkah yoga poses!


Christmas Motor Planning – Christmas Beading

Create candy canes with this fun Christmas beading activity.  You will need beads and pipe cleaners.  Draw the candy cane cards and see how many beads you need to create your candy cane.  This can be found in the Christmas Fine Motor Pack.

Christmas Brain Breaks

If you want ideas to move that are fast, fun, and efficient and need no set-up and not a lot of space the Christmas brain break ideas are for you.  Read about all of the different brain break ideas in this blog post.  Get a set of brain break cards in the shop.

Gingerbread Brain Breaks

When you think of the holiday season you probably think of all things gingerbread.  Another great way to move in a fast, fun, and effective manner with little need for set-up is with the gingerbread brain break ideas.  Read all about the ideas.  Get a set of Gingerbread Brain Break cards in the shop.

Christmas Motor Planning – Play Dough

Play dough is an awesome way to work on fine motor skills.  Two different ways to utilize play dough during Christmas is with the play dough mats or play dough counting.  Laminate the counting cards and mats and use them over and over again.  Want them ready made?  Get them in the Christmas Fine Motor Activities Pack.

Christmas Yoga

Another fun and creative way to move is with Christmas themed yoga.  Pose like a Christmas tree, reindeer, candle and more!  This is a fun way to get little bodies moving with a Christmas theme.  Read about all of the different pose ideas.  Save yourself time and get your Christmas Yoga and Movement Cards ready made for you! 

Christmas Scissor Skills

This scissor skills activity is fun and simple.  Cut strips of paper to fill in your favorite Christmas objects.  The Christmas object printables are available in the Christmas Fine Motor Pack.

The Christmas Relay

The Christmas relay gross motor game is another fun way to move during the holiday season.  Race down to pick up the cards that spell out Christmas.  This can be done in teams or as an individual. Vary up the movements such as jumping, side stepping or walking on your heels to add variety to this relay race. Read all about how to play in this blog post.

Christmas Coloring

An easy way to add variety to coloring activities at Christmas is with the Christmas roll and color activity sheet.  Roll a dice and see what number comes up.  Color in that ball on the Christmas tree.  This activity can be found in the Christmas Fine Motor Activity Pack.

Jingle Jive

How about doing a little holiday themed dance?  The jingle jive is the perfect way for you to have your kids create their own holiday dance.  The Jingle Jive printables are available for FREE in the freebie library.  Read more about the Jingle Jive Christmas Gross Motor Game here.  Members even get more holiday dance theme printables in the members only library.  

Reindeer Boot Camp

This fun set of activities is all about getting the reindeer ready to pull Santa’s sleigh.  Read all about how to set up your own reindeer boot camp in this blog post. 

Don’t forget to grab the great Reindeer Freebies while you are there in the Pink Oatmeal freebie library!

Christmas Printable Activities. All of these different printables promote physical activity! They are perfect for holiday party activities, Christmas brain breaks, Christmas themed gross motor or Christmas kids yoga! #Christmasprintables #ChristmasActivities #Christmasbrainbreaks #holidayactivities

Christmas Mazes and Connect The Dots

Some of the very favorite Christmas motor planning activities at this house include Christmas mazes and connect the dots activities! Laminate the printables so you can use them over and over again.  Get these in the Christmas Fine Motor Activities Pack.

Christmas Tree Gross Motor Decoration

This fun way to decorate a Christmas tree requires chalk or tape and Christmas tree decorations.


Christmas Writing Station

Do you have kids ready to write?  A writing station is a fun way to work on letter formation.  Use the Christmas themed letter formation cards to set up your Christmas themed writing station.  This can be done with salt, sugar, sprinkles etc.   Get the letter formation cards in the Christmas Fine Motor Activities Pack.

Christmas Motor Planning

Do you want Christmas motor planning activities all in one pack to save you effort, time, and money?  Pink Oatmeal is here to help.  Get our Christmas Motor planning pack and save your time for friends and family at the holidays instead of planning and searching.  Get this pack in the shop now. 

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