Sports Themed Yoga

Sports are something that my boys go crazy for.  So much so that my 14 month old girl walks around the house holding a football card saying “football” and smiling.  They love to bring their basketball, baseball, and football sports activity cards to daycare/preschool for everyone to do and everyone at daycare/preschool loves them.  With all the sports love happening we’ve taken on sports themed yoga as the next fun way to add movement with a sports theme.

Sports themed yoga pose ideas. This is a fun way to incorporate yoga for your sports lovers. These ideas are perfect for a classroom, brain breaks, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and home!


Sports Themed Yoga Poses

Each sports yoga pose represents something associated with the sports.   Modify the poses as needed.  Let the kids enjoy the yoga and be creative with their poses.  If you really love this idea be sure to stop by the shop  to get your ready made set of cards and printables for your own use!


Bicycle Pose


Chair Pose – Think of shooting a basket.


Warrior 1 – Hold your arms up like you are signaling touchdown.


Squat like a catcher.

Ice Skating/Hockey

Airplane – Imagine gliding across the ice.


Lay flat on your tummy.  Clasp your hands behind your back.  Lift your shoulders off the ground. Hold.


Tree Pose – Don’t lose your balance.


Boat Pose


Happy Baby Pose – Roll side to side like a rolling bowling ball.


Stand with your legs spread apart.  Turn your feet so they are slightly facing outward.  Slightly bend your knees and hold. Move your hands in front of you like a soccer goalie.


Start by standing tall.  Step one foot behind you and place that foot so it is facing slightly outwards. Place your arms parallel to the ground. Bend your front knee. Ride your snowboard and breathe!


Forward Fold – Let your arms hang like you are getting ready to dive.


Stand tall with your arms at your sides.  Bend forward at your hips.  Clasp your hands together and let your arms hang.  Move your arms side to side like you are swinging a golf club.


Dancer Pose

Sports Themed Yoga Cards and Printables

Bring sports themed yoga to your home, classroom or therapy with your own set of dinosaur cards.They are perfect to carry with you if you travel, to have as a free play option, or for brain breaks.  They are an excellent resource for therapists and special education teachers as well. There are two versions available from Pink Oatmeal – they are the same poses with a different presentation.

Sports Kids Yoga Cards and Printables

This set of yoga cards and printables includes real kids in the sports themed poses.

Sports Yoga

This set of yoga cards and printables contains pictures of dinosaur themed objects with explanations of how to get into the poses.


Sports Themed Movement Bundle

SAVE BIG!!! How about having both sets of yoga cards AND 4 different sets of sports themed brain break cards.  You can have all of it with the Sports Themed Movement Bundle at a significantly reduced cost.

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