Winter Gross Motor Planning Week

There is no better time than January to focus on all things winter!  Honestly, winter gross motor week could be done any time from December through March, but January just seems right. During Winter Week the focus of all gross motor activities revolve around all things winter.  Check out all of the other theme ideas for all the weeks in January!

Winter Gross Motor Planning - Winter gross motor activities that are perfect for a winter themed week. Perfect for preschool gross motor programming, physical education, physical therapists, occupational therapists, and speech therapists.

Winter Gross Motor Planning Week

Here are some great ideas to get you going on planning your Winter Gross Motor activities and keeping with the winter theme this week! There are several to choose from and depending on your space, resources, and time you can pick which activities would work best for your week!  

Be sure to check out Arctic Planning Week and Winter Games Week that are a perfect compliment to the winter theme.

Start off the week by grabbing free hockey brain breaks from the freebie library.  These are fast, fun, and efficient.  In the land of hockey, (Minnesota) winter goes hand in hand with hockey.  These may be the perfect warm-up or a fun addition to any station or circuit.

While your there be sure to get the FREE Winter Movement and Yoga Story – It is one of my favorites!  Even better get the book as part of the Winter Yoga Pack.  

Depending on your space and time you can incorporate several or a few of these activities into your gross motor activities for winter theme week.  It may work best to set up one or two activities a week or if you have time for stations set up activities at different stations and let the kids practice these winter themed gross motor activities all week.

Winter Gross Motor Themed Games

Snowflake Hop – Read all about it.  It’s so simple.  Just add music and move to this activity!

Indoor Ice Skating – Simple and easy requiring only paper plates or wax paper.  A little extra space is needed to skate!  This is also a great option for winter sports week.

Ice skating is a great balance and kids core exercise. It's a great kids activity for the indoors. A fun winter themed activity for kids!

Build A Snowfort – This requires cardboard blocks, but doesn’t need a huge space!

Balance activity that is so much fun! Use cardboard blocks to play these balance games that any kid or adult will love. This gross motor game can easily be adapted to increase or decrease the challenge! #balance #grossmotor

The snowball relay –  This can be done on teams or as an individual.  Race to get the snowball cards.  To add more gross motor variety, instead of always running ask your kids to skip, jump, walk backward, side step etc to retrieve the cards.

Make a winter themed obstacle course or add them to a current motor or sensory path!  Get the Winter Themed Motor and Sensory Printables to create your course!  This course is sooo much fun!  See it in action in the video! 


Snowball Roll  – This game is fun played on it’s own or can be combined to play the snowball relay.  Use cones to make the kids have to weave around the cones or let them go in a straight path.


Winter Yoga

Yoga is a simple way to get gross motor in and can be done in a small area.  Making it fun with a winter theme is the perfect way to incorporate it into winter gross motor.    You do not need to be a yogi to do these fun kids yoga themed poses !  Making yoga stations is another fantastic way to incorporate yoga! 

Winter Themed Yoga

Read about all of the different winter yoga ideas.  Put it in action or create winter yoga stations like in the video below. 


Arctic Animal Yoga

Winter Dice Games

Do you have kids that love dice games?  How about adding some movement to them?  Winter themed dice games are a blast.  My own very competitive kiddo can’t get enough of these!  Get your own Winter Themed Dice Games .


Don’t forget to check out all the other fun themes for January gross motor planning for even more ideas perfect for the winter season.  Have fun doing your Winter Gross Motor activities during Winter themed week!

Winter Fine Motor

Check out all of the winter fine motor activity ideas!  You can’t go wrong with these cute winter themed ideas. 

Winter Movement Pack

How about quick and simple ways to move and easy yoga poses with a winter theme.  The Winter Themed Movement Pack is what you need.  Ready made brain break and yoga cards all with the winter theme are available for you today.

Winter Motor Pack

With the Winter Motor Pack not only will you get everything included in the Winter Movement Pack but you will also get nine different Winter Themed Fine Motor Activities.  These are ready for you to use now!

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