Pumpkin Themed Motor Planning

I always think of October as pumpkin season.  So far we’ve been to a pumpkin patch as well as picked up pumpkins at a farm store.  My kids are pumpkin crazy.  That being said, I’ve put together some fun pumpkin themed motor planning ideas.  These pumpkin themed motor planning ideas touch on both fine motor skills and gross motor skills.

Pumpkin themed motor planning activities. Pumpkin themed fine motor and gross motor activities that are perfect for the classroom, therapy, or home. A great way to work on fine motor and gross motor skills in the fall!

Pumpkin Themed Motor Planning Ideas

The following pumpkin themed motor planning ideas are great for use during the fall or around Halloween. 

See Pink Oatmeal tutorials on how to make PDF files interactive and digital as well as use digital games on different platforms! 

Pumpkin Pound

The pumpkin pound is great for eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills.  Using a wooden hammer (like a lobster hammer), golf tees, and a pumpkin works great for this activity.  Get to work by pounding the tees into the pumpkin.

Pumpkin Roll Race

Use a big exercise ball and race around the cones.  Get access to media library full of videos when you become a Pink Oatmeal member.

Pumpkin Patch Digital Game

Go digital and play the Pumpkin Patch Gross Motor game.  This game is a great option for distance learning and/or teletherapy.  It is also a fun in person option.  This game can be played on a computer, tablet or interactive whiteboard. 



Pumpkin Relay

This fun relay game can be played by carrying a “pumpkin” between your legs, holding it, or just plain racing to get the pumpkin cards.  Spell out the word pumpkin and your team wins.  Read about how to play the Pumpkin Relay Game in full.   This game can be found in the Halloween Movement Games Pack.

Halloween Themed Gross Motor Game - Pumpkin relay. Could also be used as a fall themed gross motor game.

Pumpkin Themed Play Dough

I’m giving pumpkin play dough a trial this year and using these task cards for ideas on how to use the pumpkin play dough.  This activity can be found in the Pumpkin Fine Motor Pack.

Pumpkin Themed Cutting

My boys are really into cutting and glueing activities right now.  The pumpkin themed cutting allows for the best of both worlds.  This activtiy can be found in the Pumpkin Fine Motor Pack.

Pumpkin Pencil Control

My five year old has been into pencil control activities.  For the pumpkin theme we went with pencil control strips and pumpkin mazes.  These activities can be found in the Pumpkin Fine Motor Pack.

Pumpkin Hop

Music and moving go hand in hand with the pumpkin hop.  Read about the full pumpkin hop game.  You can find this activity in the Fall Themed Movement Games.

This is a great social distancing option.  No touch is necessary for this game as well!

Pumpkin Punching or Clipping

Pumpkin themed fine motor skills and letter recognition can be combined in this pumpkin themed fine motor activity.  Use clips or punch holes ot match the letters. This activity can be found in the Pumpkin Fine Motor Pack.

Pumpkin Ball on Wall Exercises

Use a ball “aka pumpkin” and roll it on the wall in all directions.  This great work for the upper extremity!   Members get full access to a video library full of ideas!

Pumpkin Poms

Another fun fine motor practice activity involves transferring poms while working on one to one counting!  This activtiy can be found in the Pumpkin Fine Motor Pack.

Pumpkin Pre-Writing

My five year old has been working on pre-writing strokes.  This pumpkin themed activity focuses on pre-writing strokes which need to be developed before kids actually start writing letters.  I love pre-writing strips because they can be used over and over again and wiped off with a paper towel.  This activtiy can be found in the Pumpkin Fine Motor Pack.

Get Everything You Need For Motor Planning

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More s Motor Planning Favorites

Some of my favorite resources for gross motor play as a physical therapist and mom! Click on each photo for a full explanation of product.  Affiliate links. 


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