Camping Themed Gross Motor and Fine Motor Activities

When warmer weather approaches, it’s not surprising to see lots of people on the roads with their tents and campers ready for camping season! The camping theme is a great theme to use during the spring and summer months, but can really be used any time of the year. Camping themed gross motor activities and camping themed fine motor activities are easy to incorporate with a camping theme! Pink Oatmeal has lots of ideas for you so let’s get started.

Camping Themed Gross Motor Activities and Fine Motor Activities

Camping Themed Gross Motor Activities

Let’s get started with some camping yoga!  One of my favorite ways to encourage movement related to camping is with these camping themed yoga pose ideas.  Pose like a tent or a perform fire breathing.  A perfect way to start off a camping trip or camping unit with your little campers!  

Fun summer themes that are perfect for incorporating physical activity for kids. Fun themes can make adding movement so much for more for camps, summer school, physical therapy, occupational therapy , and more!
Camping Themed Yoga

Pink Oatmeal has camping themed yoga and movement cards that can be yours. These are an awesome visual for your little campers.


Camping themed gross motor with camping themed yoga cards.
Camping Yoga

Campers love to go on hikes! Add in a scavenger hunt to this theme. There are several FREE scavenger hunts available in the Pink Oatmeal freebie library. The Nature Hunt would be perfect to go along with the camping theme. 

Nature Hunt Free Printable

The Camping Themed Gross Motor Game is a must-play when doing a camping theme. Kids are super engaged with this digital game. You can play it on it’s own or make it a part of an obstacle course or use it as a reward for hard work.  Kids will still be working hard, but they don’t even realize it when in game mode!

In this game, the kiddo selects from the different camping icons. They must perform the movement associated with the icon. The goal is to complete the entire camping scene.


Many times camping takes place in the woods, making the forest themed camping cards the perfect compliment to your camping motor skills.


Forest movement cards that are perfect for camping themed gross motor.
Forest Themed Movement Cards

Fishing Themed Gross Motor Activities

Nothing makes camping more fun than adding in some fishing! This fun fishing game can be done with a candy cane as your hook! It’s excellent for eye-hand coordination and motor skills!

Pink Oatmeal also has an awesome set of fishing themed brain break cards. These cards are fast, fun, and efficient. They are the perfect compliment to your fishing or camping themed activities.

You can read about all of the different fishing themed brain break ideas from Pink Oatmeal.


A fun way to get kids moving with a fishing theme! Use as a brain break, for physical education or in morning meeting!
Fishing Themed Brain Break Cards

Camping Activities

When you are camping, there is no surprise that you may come across some animals or animal prints.

Use a Bosu Ball, air disc or uneven surface to play the animal print game. Touch each animal print with one foot while maintaining your balance.

These bear prints can be found in the Pink Oatmeal freebie library (look under polar bear prints).

When you cross the balance beam, you can step on the different animal prints that you may see while camping. This can be done by keeping one foot on the beam or stepping on and off the beam.

Adorable woodland balance exercise that is perfect for camping themed gross motor activities.
Animal Print Balance Beam

This is the perfect time to add in any animal walks as well. See the different animal walks and printable ideas from Pink Oatmeal. You can grab a free set of animal yoga cards in the Pink Oatmeal freebie library and read about the different animal yoga poses for kids.

Animal walks that are great for camping themed gross motor and fine motor skills
Bear Walk
Free Animal Yoga Cards

Insects and Bugs Gross Motor

When you think of camping, it’s hard to get around the insects, bugs or creepy crawlers.

Start off moving like an insect, bug or creepy crawler with insect yoga or insect movement cards. Flutter your wings like a butterfly or move like a worm!

What fun ways to incorporate movement into an insect theme! I love that these kids yoga poses are all insect, bugs, or creepy crawlers themed. Great for gross motor, preschool activities, kindergarten activities and beyond!
Insect Yoga and Movement

Pink Oatmeal has fantastic visuals that you can use. Get your hands on the yoga and movement cards from Pink Oatmeal!



Insect Yoga and Movement Cards

Of course, there is a chance that you will run into mosquitos! This gives you the perfect opportunity to learn about the mosquito life cycle in game format. Choose from the different parts of the mosquito life cycle and do the associated movement. This game can be played on a computer, tablet or interactive whiteboard. Of course, all movement is done off screen. You can also print and play this game.


There is a strong chance that when you are camping, you may come across some bees! The bumblebee relay is an awesome game that goes along perfect with the camping theme.

Camping Themed Fine Motor Activities

Pink Oatmeal has a HUGE selection of fine motor activities that would be fantastic for a camping theme.

Let’s start with camping themed fine motor activities. This pack includes 10 different camping themed fine motor activities (with more than 1 option for many of the activities). Check out the photos below of some of the camping themed fine motor activities.


Camping Themed Resources From Pink Oatmeal

Get your hands on all of these adorable camping themed gross motor and fine motor skills resources from Pink Oatmeal that are fantastic for your camping theme.

Click on the NAME of the resource below to get a full detailed view of what is included.

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