Circus Themed Activities For Kids

Who doesn’t love a circus theme?  The circus theme makes it easy to incorporate gross motor and fine motor skills.    What kid doesn’t love the idea of a circus or carnival?  Implementing circus themed activities for kids into your gross motor or fine motor activities doesn’t have to be hard.  Check out all of the different circus themed activities!

Circus Themed Activities For Kids - A great selection of relays, gross motor, and fine motor activities that all have a circus theme. These are great for a preschool circus theme or carnival theme.!

Circus Themed Activities For Kids

All of the following activities are a great way to incorporate gross motor and fine motor skills  into Circus Activities!  The following is a run down of a ton of great circus activities for an entire week of motor planning.

Start off your week with Circus  Yoga!  This is a fun and silly way to move little bodies with a circus theme!  Not only are their yoga poses, but also great partner poses and fun games included in these ideas!

How about some circus tricks?  Using hula hoops to work on motor skills is a fun way to work on gross motor skills with a circus theme.

Think about all of the different ways you could step through the hoop?  Forward, backward, sideways, crawling etc are great ways to get started working on motor skills.  Add some streamers to create a flaming hoop.

Silly relays are the perfect activities for your carnival or circus theme!

The over sized shoe or clown shoe relay is a fun circus themed activity that incorporates movement.   Don’t be afraid to try some partner relays as well.

The beach ball and pool noodle relay is perfect for team work and your carnival or circus theme.   You can read about all of the different individual and partner relay races for kids ideas.  These all go really well in a circus theme!

How about a fun digital game!?! This game can be played on a computer, tablet, or interactive whiteboard. Work on one to one correspondence while moving! This is such a fun activity for both in person and distance learning. 

Circus themed movement cards are fast and easy to use.  They let the kids interpret the simple movements written on the cards.  They are FREE to you to use in the freebie library.

Let’s not forget about Circus Fine Motor Activities.  Check out the 11 different circus themed fine motor activities.  I can’t even decide which one is my favorite!


More Circus Activity Ideas

Stilt Walking – Teach Mama shares how old coffee cans can turn into stilts.  Perfect for challenging balance and perfect for a circus theme!

Tight Rope Walking – I love Happy Hooligans version of the tight rope!  I love how simple it is to create and all the great strength and balance work involved with the activity!

Ring Toss – I loved the simplicity of the ring toss from ABC’s to ACT’s.  Perfect game to work on that eye-hand coordination.

What’s your favorite kind of circus game?  I’d love to get more ideas! 

Circus Activities For You

Wouldn’t it feel great to have fun circus themed activities that you could use today that someone else has already created for you?  Even better, you’d have confidence that these activities will not only be fun for you, but fun for kids.  No more searching around the internet looking for circus themed ideas and no more trying to create your own resources.  When you purchase the Circus Motor Pack you will join hundreds of others already using these circus activities with their kids!


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