Arctic Yoga Story

Arctic animal yoga is one of my favorite ways to make movement fun during the winter months. I love adding stories to these themed movement ideas to make the movement ideas even more captivating for kids. The winter yoga and movement story has been such a hit I created a an arctic yoga story. Like …

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Shapes Yoga Pose Ideas For Kids. A great shapes activity and a great way to combine movement and learning. The yoga pose ideas are so simple that anyone will be able to have fun moving and learning about shapes. Perfect for preschool gross motor!

All About Shapes Yoga For Kids

I love combining moving with learning and one fun way to do that is by doing shapes yoga for kids.  The yoga poses are your traditional yoga poses with a twist to make them easy for kids to relate to shapes.  It’s a fun way for kids to kinesthetically work on learning!

Sports Themed Yoga

Sports are something that my boys go crazy for.  So much so that my 14 month old girl walks around the house holding a football card saying “football” and smiling.  They love to bring their basketball, baseball, and football sports activity cards to daycare/preschool for everyone to do and everyone at daycare/preschool loves them.  With …

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Yoga for the classroom tips and resources.

Yoga For The Classroom

Today’s children are expected to know more, sit longer, and have rigid testing requirements.  This has helped contribute to in increased stress levels and decreased opportunity for physical activity. With the new school year beginning and new routines starting, it’s the perfect time to start trying yoga for the classroom to try to combat these issues. …

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Yoga Games For Kids - Fun ideas for yoga games and yoga poses for kids!

Yoga Games for Kids

Yoga games for kids are one of my favorite ways to incorporate yoga.  Kids yoga games don’t have to be complicated.  I love adding a yoga spin to some of my favorite games from the past.  Their is no need for extensive equipment to make the games fun!

Weather Themed Activities! I love these weather themed yoga/gross motor movement poses for kinesthetic learning! They are great for a brain break! I can't wait to try them for morning meeting too!

Weather Themed Yoga

Are you looking for a great way to get your kids moving?  A fun way to increase participation in the classroom, therapy, programming, or home?  How about a great way to get the kids moving during your morning meeting?  Then you’ve got to try weather themed yoga.  No, you don’t need to be a yogi …

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Easter Themed Yoga Pose Ideas. Awesome kids yoga with FREE yoga cards. Perfect Easter Gross Motor Idea.

Easter Themed Yoga Pose Ideas

I love coming up with different themed yoga pose ideas!  I’m super excited about the Easter themed yoga poses because I’m giving away FREE Easter themed yoga cards today.  Check out these fun yoga poses for kids.  These poses are your traditional yoga poses with an Easter twist!

Valentine's Day Yoga Pose Ideas. These are awesome for kids. I love how the poses are traditional poses but have a Valentine's Day spin!

Valentine’s Day Yoga Pose Ideas

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.  Besides Valentine’s Day boxes and Valentine’s what other plans do you have for your classroom, home or therapy?  How about trying some Valentine’s Day Yoga?  Even if you are new to yoga these fun Valentine’s Day themed poses work great for the beginner to the every day yogi!

Thanksgiving Gross Motor. Kids yoga with a Thanksgiving theme is perfect for gross motor, sensory, and increased concentration all in one. All the benefits of kids yoga with a fun theme!

Thanksgiving Yoga Ideas

Most of the stores now have Christmas out!  Isn’t that crazy?  I’m just going to put the brakes on and talk a little more Thanksgiving.  Just like Thanksgiving gross motor and brain break ideas, Thanksgiving Yoga is another fun way to incorporate movement and exercise as part of your Thanksgiving lesson.

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