Community Helpers Yoga

Have you ever wanted to add a little extra to your community helpers theme?  How about something beneficial like movement?  Combining movement and learning is always a win.  When you add it to your theme it’s even better.  Community helpers yoga is one way of easily making this work with your theme.  Check out all of the kids yoga pose ideas below!

Community Helpers Yoga Pose Ideas

Community Helpers Yoga

The community helpers yoga poses for kids are designed to be fun ways to get the kids moving.  Don’t stress about perfection and have fun!  Check out all of the options and get your own set of community helpers kids yoga cards in the shop!

TeacherChair Pose

AstronautMountain Pose

Farmer – Start in the standing position.  Lift your right arm and left leg and the same time.  Switch and lift the left arm and right leg.  Continue to alternate back and forth.

VeternarianDownward Dog

ReporterLion Pose – Talk in your microphone!

PoliceWarrior 1

FirefighterWarrior II – Spray your hose to put out the fire!

Trash Collector – Twist side to side – imagine you are collecting trash!

Pilot – Sit tall with your legs straight in front of you.  Make sure your back is nice and straight. Lift your arms so that you can mimic flying an airplane.

Construction WorkerTree Pose

Baker – Sit on the floor with your legs spread out to the side in front of you.  Place your arms in front of you. Move your arms like you are stirring and baking.  Discuss what you are making, how it tastes, and how it smells!

Mail Carrier Airplane Pose.  Imagine placing the letters in the mailbox.

DoctorStar Pose

LifeguardLunge Pose.  Work your way across the beach!

Looking for even more community helpers movement ideas?  Check out the Community Helpers Theme Movement Station ideas from Pink Oatmeal!

Community Helpers Yoga Cards and Printables

Think of how great it would feel to have Community Helpers Yoga Cards created and ready to use!  Not only would you have it all, but you could feel confident knowing that your kids (and you!) are having fun with physical activity and movement!  You will have screen free movemement and yoga activities that your kids love.  No need to spend time searching and creating your own resources, it’s all done for you!  Check out the options below!

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