Arctic Yoga Story

Arctic animal yoga is one of my favorite ways to make movement fun during the winter months. I love adding stories to these themed movement ideas to make the movement ideas even more captivating for kids. The winter yoga and movement story has been such a hit I created a an arctic yoga story. Like the winter story, I’m giving it to you for free!

Arctic yoga story.  The perfect way incorporate movement into your Arctic unit.  The arctic animal movement and yoga story is perfect for pre-k and up.  Use this in the classroom, therapy, or at home.  Get the story as a free download.  This is SO MUCH FUN!

Arctic Yoga Story

The arctic yoga story is all about an adventure to see your favorite arctic animals. When reading the movement story, I always pause at the different yoga poses and let the kids get into them.

It is easiest to do the movement story when you have visuals of the poses..  You can also get the arctic animal movement story in digital and printable format with all of the images included!

Another option would be to grab the Arctic Animal Yoga Cards and Printables. This set inlcudes all of the poses that are included in this yoga story

Below is my own 5 year old moving during the arctic animal movement story. His poses aren’t perfect, but he is moving and having fun.

Free Arctic Animal Yoga Story

You can get a printable of the yoga and movement story for FREE in the freebie library! Download it now and use it all winter long.

But wait…

There is something even better…

You can get the Arctic Animal Yoga Story in digital and printable format in the Pink Oatmeal freebie library. This format includes the story with pictures to go along with it! It can be used digitally in PowerPoint, converted to Google Slides or in the PDF. It can also be printed and used in book format! 


Arctic and Polar Themed Resources

Pink Oatmeal has a wide variety of arctic and polar resources for you to choose from. Click on the name of the resource below to get a detailed view of the resource. 

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