Easter Themed Yoga Pose Ideas

I love coming up with different themed yoga pose ideas!  I’m super excited about the Easter themed yoga poses because I’m giving away FREE Easter themed yoga cards today.  Check out these fun yoga poses for kids.  These poses are your traditional yoga poses with an Easter twist!

Easter Themed Yoga Pose Ideas. Awesome kids yoga with FREE yoga cards. Perfect Easter Gross Motor Idea.

Kids Easter  Yoga Pose Ideas

The Easter themed yoga pose ideas are sure to be a hit with your kiddos! Many of the poses are traditional yoga poses with an Easter spin.  The best part is if you love these ideas all you have to do is subscribe to Pink Oatmeal to get your own set of Easter yoga cards for FREE in the freebie library!

Easter Basket

Child’s Pose

Easter Bunny

Start standing with your feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart. Lower down into a squat position and hold. Return to standing position. Repeat.

Baby Chick

Stand tall with your feet hip width apart and back straight. Place your hands under your arm pits on both sides. Move your elbows back and forth like your flapping your wings. Encourage squeezing shoulder blades together as you flap your wings.

Easter Egg

Happy Baby Pose – Roll side to side like an Easter egg!

Egg Hunt

Forward Fold – Collect your Easter goodies!

Get Your Easter Yoga Cards

Get your Easter Yoga Cards in the Freebie Library.  Choose from the Real Kids version or the clip art kids version and have fun moving with an Easter theme! 

More Ways to Move This Easter From Pink Oatmeal

Fast, fun, and effective moves can also be had with Easter Themed Brain Break Cards.  Save yourself time and money and get a set in the shop for less than the cost of a coffee!  


1 thought on “Easter Themed Yoga Pose Ideas”

  1. Oh! Chandra, thank you sooooo much for all this AWESOME work you are sharing with the world!

    These easter yoga cards are absolutely adorable! The kids pictures on top of the graphics is simply GENIUS!

    This was my favorite part about Mary Poppins, Space Jam and all that jazz with my kids eyes. You got it! Love love love love love love!

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