Kids yoga pose ideas with a fall/autumn theme! I love the falling leaves pose!

Fall Themed Yoga

I love the fall!  If only winter didn’t follow… The start of fall also means the start of the school year around here.  One of my activities to work on strength, range of motion, and body awareness with my kids is different yoga poses.  A fall theme can easily be integrated into yoga poses making …

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Alphabet Yoga

It’s getting to be that time of the year, where I start thinking back to school!  One of the basics we all learn in school is the alphabet.  It’s an essential!  Learning the alphabet doesn’t have to be boring, but really fun and active.  This can be done by incorporating the alphabet with yoga!  Movement is …

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Pet Themed Yoga - Pink Oatmeal

Pet Themed Yoga

Pets are a big part of the family.  I know that are beloved golden retriever Lucy sure is!  If only I could stop her shedding!  Most kids love to talk about their pets and tell you all about them.  I’m sure I’m not the only one who has assumed that the pet was a human …

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Summer Yoga Poses For Kids - Pink Oatmeal

Summer Yoga For Kids

It’s June!  Hooray for summers arrival.  It’s always so appreciated in the Midwest.  I love being able to get outdoors on a more regular basis.  I’ll admit, I’m not a cold weather fan, not one tiny bit.  Summer is a great time to get outdoors!  Around here, we have outdoor yoga classes in the summer …

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Desert Yoga - Pink Oatmeal

Desert Yoga

As a physical therapy student, I had the opportunity to do one of my long rotations down in Arizona.  I loved the weather, my rotation, and to my surprise the desert.  Being from the Midwest, I thought of the desert as brown.  It turned out the desert was a beautiful place!  The desert life and landscape …

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Transportation Yoga. Yoga poses for kids with a transportation theme! Make kids yoga fun by incorporating a theme! Transportation is a perfect theme to incorporate into kids yoga poses!

Transportation Yoga

Today we are talking transportation yoga!  What little boy or girl doesn’t love yoga that that is all about cars and trucks!    There is just something about things that “go”.  Let’s talk about how we can combine transportation and yoga for some fun gross motor and sensory!  

Camping Themed Activities! Camping themed yoga pose ideas are a must for any camping unit, camping lover or just a fun way to incorporate kids yoga. Check out the fun names of the poses!

Camping Yoga

Continuing with the yoga theme we are onto camping today! I love the thought of camping.  Being outdoors, sitting around a fire, and chatting with friends and family.  In reality, I love the thought, but when it comes down to it…I don’t camp.  I prefer hot showers and my nice comfortable bed.  When I was …

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Circus Yoga - Pink Oatmeal

Circus Yoga

I’ve been sharing about different yoga ideas over the past few weeks.  My kids have been going crazy over themed yoga.  This week I’m stepping away from the animal yoga,  and going to the circus.  The circus still has animals of course!  It wasn’t until last year that I really went to “the circus.”  We visited …

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Ocean themed yoga pose ideas. Perfect for an ocean unit activity, beach activities, brain breaks, or kids yoga. Use these all year long and have fun with the ocean theme!

Ocean Themed Yoga

This week we are talking ocean themed yoga and movements. In the past couple of weeks I’ve shared about zoo themed yoga and farm yoga and movements.    The ocean is another great place to learn and play.    Yoga can easily be incorporated into a sea or ocean theme along with other sea themed  motor play and learning.  Ocean themed yoga is perfect for toddlers through …

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Zoo Yoga

Who doesn’t love the zoo?  We spend a lot of time at our local zoo.  It’s a favorite in both the summer and the winter.  It helps that we live close and have a season pass!  Zoo animals can play a  part in child development as well.  Think of how a child learns animal sounds, …

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