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When I first came out of school there was very little in the way of continuing education opportunities online.  Almost all continuing education had to be done in person.  When I switched to pediatrics from orthopedics I felt like I was scrambling to find any pediatric physical therapy continuing education that I could find on demand.  Times have changed.   I LOVE in person courses, but with the craziness of 3 little children I have come to appreciate that there are now online offerings for continuing education in the therapy field.  I also love how online continuing education gives you the opportunity to access class topics that may not be near you whenever you want too!  I have been quite impressed with the courses that I have taken online and I’m excited to share with you about the different online  pediatric therapy and occupational continuing education courses. Many of these courses can be appropriate for pediatric speech therapists as well.


Online Pediatric Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy Continuing Education Courses

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There are lots of great online pediatric physical therapy and occupational therapy continuing education courses.  These courses have been a lifesaver for me as a mom of three young children who doesn’t always have the ability to travel or time to take away for courses.  Now, in the COVID era I’m re-visiting these again as some in person courses I had planned to go to are cancelled (rightfully so).  

Does It Count For Continuing Education Credit In My State?

As a physical therapist, much of what I’m talking about comes from a physical therapy perspective. When looking at online courses for continuing education purposes, always be sure to look into how continuing education is offered and what your state’s rules are on continuing education.  It’s not always as cut and dry as a course that comes to your state.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions if you are unsure!

There are so many great courses out there!  The thing is that unless they come from a large continuing education business it is hard to have official state board approval from every state.  There is no central system (in the PT world) that this can be done.  This results in many courses (fabulous courses) offering certificates of completion without any official board approval, as they don’t have the resources to get board approval from every single state.  Is it going to count for you?  The answer is that depends.  You need to look at your states continuing education laws based on your particular license.  

I know personally, I’ve taken many courses in the past that offer a certificate of completion without the “official board approval” and have had them count as continuing education credits.  My state recently changed it’s laws, so now I have to go back and re-visit this. 

It’s important when doing any continuing education you know the rules/laws of the state(s) that you are licensed in and what they deem necessary for continuing education. 

Online Pediatric Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy Continuing Education Courses

MedBridge – I personally have a membership to MedBridge and have been impressed with their course offerings.  I’ve taken courses in pediatrics, school based courses, ethics, and even some orthopedic courses.  Since I’ve been so happy with the options I’ve worked with MedBridge to offer a discount to Pink Oatmeal readers.   Using the promo code PINKOATMEAL will save you $175 dollars off the membership bringing the cost for an entire year worth of courses down to $200. – I’ve also recently just become a member of part of the family.  They have courses available for PT’s, OT’s, and SLP’s. This includes (, and  I’ve worked with the company to come up with a discount code for readers of Pink Oatmeal. This subscription also gives you another great option for pediatric continuing education courses.  If you use the code PINKOATMEAL13 at checkout you will get an extra month for free.  So instead of 12 months for $99 dollars you will get 13 months for $99.

School Based Documentation and Organization – No official continuing education credit has been sought out for this course, but if you want a GAME CHANGER when it comes to documentation and organization as a school based therapist, this one is for you! Learn how to use Microsoft OneNote to navigate documentation as a school based therapist. Get rid of your big binders completely have all your files organized in a digital manner! 

School Based Physical Therapy 101 – This isn’t a true course, but a page dedicated to all the resources I wish I had in one place when I started out as a school based therapist!

Summit – This is another option for online courses.  I’ve taken courses live from Summit that I’ve enjoyed.  I personally don’t have any experience with their online courses, but have heard good reports from those that have taken courses online through Summit.

Pocket OT Courses –  Cara Koscinski of The Pocket OT has a variety of different online courses that she offers written for primarily pediatric rehabilitation professionals.

The Brain and Sensory Foundations– The Brain and Sensory FoundationsĀ® course gives in-depth, comprehensive, and kid-friendly tools that really work and are supported by evidence. These innate rhythmic movements, plus primitive and postural reflex integration activities are excellent for boosting brain, body, and sensory maturity. You can be a powerful force for helping children with challenges with these unique and outstanding tools.

Primitive Reflexes 101 – A course on reflex integration from ILS Learning Corner. This course is only open at select times.

OT School House – If you love listening to podcasts this is for you!  Listen to their podcast, take a quiz, and earn professional development!  For a school based pediatric therapist this is a fun and unique way to earn continuing education credits.

Therapies in the School Conference – This is a conference held in Massachusetts each year put on by Education Resources Inc, but also provides you with the option for online courses after the conference. 

Apply EBP – This is a great collection of courses for a school based therapist. Feedback from other therapists have been great on these courses. I’ve taken one live and thought it was fabulous!

Professional Organizations – As members of different professional organizations such as the APTA or AOTA, online continuing education opportunities are available for you.  This includes both free and paid courses.

Non-Clinical 101Although not a pediatric course, this course is an excellent resource for non-clinical careers.  If you are looking to move to utilization review or a non-clinical direction in pediatric physical therapy this course is worth looking into! 

Therapy Blogging 101 – This really isn’t a continuing education course, but an excellent option if you’ve ever been curious about starting your own therapy blog! 

This resource will continued to be added too as I learn of new opportunities.  If you know of something great feel free to email me and I will add it to the list of online continuing education courses for pediatric physical therapists, pediatric occupational therapists, and speech and language pathologists.

Online continuing education courses for pediatric physical therapists, pediatric occupational therapists, and speech and language pathologist. A collection of different online courses and opportunities for getting your continuing education credits




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