Yoga Games for Kids

Yoga games for kids are one of my favorite ways to incorporate yoga.  Kids yoga games don’t have to be complicated.  I love adding a yoga spin to some of my favorite games from the past.  Their is no need for extensive equipment to make the games fun!

Yoga Games For Kids - Fun ideas for yoga games and yoga poses for kids!

Yoga Games For Kids

I love having a great set of yoga cards .  Having a great set of yoga cards means that I can create a variety of different games, or use as visuals for the kids while playing the yoga games.  There are a few freebie sets in the freebie library as well!

The yoga games can also be played with different themes.  Adding themes to yoga has made it more fun, and I have shared several different yoga themes that can easily be incorporated into the yoga games.

Yoga Beach Ball Game

One of my favorite yoga games uses a beach ball, and works on eye hand coordination at the same time.  I like to write several different yoga poses on the beach ball.   When the kids catch the beach ball they perform the yoga pose they are looking out.  If you want to increase the challenge of the yoga game, write several different yoga poses on the ball the kids perform the yoga pose that their right thumb is on or near.  If the kids are unfamiliar with the yoga poses on the ball; yoga cards are great to use as a visual. You can often pick up a beach ball for under a dollar, so it’s a cheap and fun yoga game.

Yoga Games For Kids Beach Ball Game

Yoga Craft Stick Game

This is a cheap and easy yoga game for kids.  Start by writing down your favorite yoga poses on craft sticks, and place them in a jar.  Let the kids pick a craft stick, and perform the yoga pose written on the stick.

Yoga Dice Games

I love to play yoga games for kids with dice.  Using dice adds a number learning component.  My two favorite yoga games are “Race to Yoga Class” .  Race to Yoga Class is a fun roll and move board game.  Just be sure not to land on return to start.  I love the kinesthetic learning aspect of these kids yoga games.

Race to yoga class roll and move yoga game for kids.

Activity Dice Yoga Games For Kids

Not only are the traditional roll and move yoga games fun, but so is using larger activity dice for yoga games kids.  I recently found a dry erase yoga dice at the dollar store.  This is a simple way to write yoga poses, roll the dice, and perform the yoga pose.  Utilizing yoga cards is a good visual for this game for those that are unsure of how the pose should look.

Dry erase dice to use for yoga games for kids.

Yoga Spinner Games

Utilizing spinners are another fun way to play yoga games with kids.   This is done by utilizing a fun spinner (that is ready made for you), a pencil, and a paper clip as your spinner.  A second way of playing a yoga spinner game is by placing yoga cards in a circle and a fidget spinner in the middle and using it as your spinner.

Yoga Games For Kids Spinner Game


I love yoga games for kids, and this one may be my favorite!  Combining yoga and BINGO is sure to make the perfect yoga game!   Play this game like traditional BINGO.   The BINGO caller picks a yoga pose and everyone performs the yoga pose.  The kids that have the yoga pose on their card get to cover the spot on the card.  The first kid to get a traditional BINGO wins this yoga game! Your kids will love this game, and so will you!  If you want to play yoga BINGO, you can get plenty of yoga BINGO game boards in the Yoga Games pack

Yoga BINGO yoga games for kids

Yoga Fortune Teller or Cootie Catcher

Do you remember playing “fortune teller” or “cootie catcher” when you were younger?  I love putting a yoga spin on it and making it a fun yoga game for kids!  Find out your yoga pose to perform as you play this fun yoga game!  This is also included in the Yoga Games pack.

Cootie catcher yoga game for kids!

Get Your Yoga Games For Kids

Think of  how great it would feel to have fun pack of yoga games and activities created and ready to use!

Not only would you have it done for you, but you could feel confident knowing that your kids are having fun with physical activity and movement activities!  You will have fun yoga games and activities that you and your kids love.

  • You will have screen free activities to promote movement.
  • You will have fun activities for your brain breaks, morning meetings, home or therapy sessions.
  • You won’t have to be spending time searching and creating your own resources, it’s all done for you!

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