Winter Yoga Story – Movement Story

If you are a regular reader of this website, you know how I’m all about making movement fun and meaningful for kids.  I LOVE a good theme and love to incorporate movement in themes.  It’s just more fun.  In addition to the themes I’ve started to create stories  to go along with the ideas.  They have been a HUGE hit!  The winter yoga story is the first story I’m sharing on the website.  I’m making  a download of the winter yoga story available for you for FREE.

A FREE winter yoga and movement story. Such a fun way for kids to move their bodies with a winter theme. I love how easy the moves and yoga poses are and how great the winter story is. This is great for preschool through early elementary and perfect for a winter theme!


Winter Yoga Story

I created this story to include all of the different winter yoga poses or moves from my winter yoga for kids ideas.   Don’t let the word yoga intimidate you.  These moves are simple easy and fun.  There is no need to be a yogi to enjoy the winter yoga and movement story.

I’ve found it easiest to have visuals  to use when reading the winter yoga story, for myself, and for the kids doing it. There are a few options to make this happen! You can purchase the digital and printable version of the Winter Movement Story that includes all the pictures in story form! You can also grab a set of the Winter Yoga Cards and Printables.  All the poses go along with the story. .  When a movement comes up, have the card ready.

Winter Themed Yoga For Kids

In the story I have all of the poses and movements highlighted so you don’t miss them.  I’ve also included a reference sheet so you know what each pose should look like.

Check out my own son (he is 5 years old and a preschooler in this video) doing the winter yoga story.  You’ll notice that not every pose is perfect, and that’s okay!

My son loves doing these and trying to remember the poses and movements.  Prior to this we’ve done the winter yoga poses a few times too so it only took him a time or two to have all the movements and poses down when I read him the story.   It may take you some time your first run through, but you’ll be surprised how quickly the kids will pick up on the different poses.

I’m really loving the story format.  It is seriously so much fun and so much engagement.


Even better…

The winter yoga story is also available to you in digital format! I love the look of this story (it can also be printed)! This can be used in Google Slides or PowerPoint.  You will have all the pictures of the poses in story format! 



To make this story even better, I’ve created an option for you to get all of the visuals (cards and printables) to make this winter movement story even better with the Winter Yoga Pack Bundle.  This pack includes yoga cards/printables, and the winter yoga story in book format. You will get three different formats of winter yoga cards.  The cards will have real kids, clip art kids, and winter clip art objects.  You’ll also get this story in a book form that you can print and put together – this is really a fun way to go through the story too.   The price on this is significantly reduced when you buy the pack.  It is also the only place you can get the book format of the story for free.

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