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Monster Treats

I’m not one who tends to put a lot of recipes on the blog.  It may be because I’m admittedly not all that into cooking or baking.  This is an exception since I made the monster treats for my toddler.  It started out by him having a bit of an obsession with all things turkey

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Toy Storage Hack

One of my first challenges when we started to “collect” toys at our home was finding appropriate storage at a reasonable cost.  I was finding all sorts of baskets that were ranging from $50-$70 dollars that were designated for toys.  This was far more than what I wanted to pay for toy storage.  I am

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Bookshelf Hack - Pink Oatmeal

Bookshelf Hack

We’ve finally completed C’s transition to his new bedroom and new bed.  The last project I wanted to complete was a book shelf.  Initially, I had his books in a drawer, which was completely impractical since he couldn’t see the books to access the books.  Next, I put them out on top of the drawers

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