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One of my first challenges when we started to “collect” toys at our home was finding appropriate storage at a reasonable cost.  I was finding all sorts of baskets that were ranging from $50-$70 dollars that were designated for toys.  This was far more than what I wanted to pay for toy storage.  I am always trying to get a deal!  One day as I strolled the aisles at Target looking at my Cartwheel I saw my answer!  There it was right in front of me laundry baskets!   They were the perfect toy storage hack.

Budget Friendly Toy Storage Solution - Pink Oatmeal


The laundry baskets were large enough to store many toys and there were a lot of them that actually had some style.   The best part was the price.  I found laundry baskets with some style for $9.44 each on clearance.  Regularly they were $13.49, so even then a much more reasonable price than the designated toy storage baskets I was looking at.

Toy Storage Hack - Pink Oatmeal

 I’ve used the laundry baskets as toy storage in our playroom as well as in our main family room.  They would also work great in any bedroom.  I love the fact that I don’t have to stress about them getting beat up by my toddler as they came at such a reasonable cost!
Laundry baskets would be great for other storage options too.  Closets, basements, bedrooms.  I may have to invest in laundry basket stock!


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5 thoughts on “Toy Storage Hack”

  1. Hey girl! those shelves look low to the ground – but possibly just the camera angle – curious how long til Cade will be able to reach them. Now that Ethan can stand I am amazed at what he can reach! and I’m guessing Cade will be a tall guy too!

  2. Yes definitely the camera angle. When I look at them in this picture they do look low! I was standing high when I took them. They are over 4 feet tall. I’m hoping by the time he is able to reach them he will know better. My nephew who is very tall for his age (100th percentile) and 1.5 years can not reach them. If worst comes to worst the best part is that they are easy to move up slightly, that is why we chose them. Crazy how fast these boys grow!

  3. We actually love them. Nobody even has a clue they are laundry baskets unless I tell them. So much cheaper then the decorative baskets as well! Thanks for stopping by!

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