Nursery Wall Decor – With Free Printables

I’ve started to get the nursery ready for baby number two. ¬†With baby number one, I did a lot of DIY¬†projects in the nursery. ¬†With this nursery, DIY really isn’t happening nearly as much. ¬†For the most part, much of the nursery is the same. ¬†We knew that with baby number one we were having a boy. ¬†This time around we don’t know what we are having. ¬†All of the furniture is staying the same with the exception of changing out the rocker. ¬†I am changing the color scheme from a boy theme to a gender neutral gray. ¬†It required purchasing a few gray changing pad covers (that needed to be changed out anyway), sheets, and a crib skirt. ¬†It also required changing a few of the things on the walls. Since I love playing around on Pic Monkey (affiliate) with design I decided I could DIY some of the nursery wall decor this time around.

Nursery Wall Decor - Pink Oatmeal

Nursery Wall Decor

I’m actually not a person who puts a ton on the walls in the baby’s nursery. ¬†I’m too nervous to¬†hang anything over the crib. ¬†With the closet on one wall and big furniture and curtains on another wall it pretty much left me with one wall to add anything that could be hung. ¬† I didn’t want to spend a ton of money on anything big as within a year or two it would probably be changing. ¬†This is how I decided to design printables that could be framed.

Baby Nursery Framed Printables - Pink Oatmeal

I simply printed them off with my home printer. ¬†One thing I had to consider is that standard printer paper is 8.5 x11 and I wanted to frame them in 8×10 frames. ¬†I needed to make sure I left enough room on the edges of the printables that I could trim the paper before putting them in the frames. ¬†I planned to use all gray in my printables to match the theme but I had to throw in just a bit of color. ¬†I couldn’t help myself! ¬†I figured turquoise could go with either gender!

Free Nursery Printable - Pink Oatmeal

I’ve decided to make my printables available for free to you in the freebie library! ¬†Enjoy one or all four. ¬†Remember if you put them in an 8×10 frame like me you will need to cut them down if printed on standard paper.

Get Them Here

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