Monster Treats

I’m not one who tends to put a lot of recipes on the blog.  It may be because I’m admittedly not all that into cooking or baking.  This is an exception since I made the monster treats for my toddler.  It started out by him having a bit of an obsession with all things turkey this Thanksgiving.  So we were going to make one of those cute turkey cookie deserts that I found a few blogs.  Well, it didn’t happen, but I did have a package of candy eyes.  So when Christmas cookie season rolled around I thought I’d use them for something cute then.  This resulted in a December 23rd batch of corn flake wreaths.  Our only Christmas cookies made this year and all of our favorites!  Instead of the traditional wreaths we turned them into monster treats for our toddler.  The candy eyes finally got put to use!

Monster Treats - Pink Oatmeal

Monster Treats

I am especially fond of these as they are perfect for the “not so crafty mom” such as myself.  My toddler was absolutely thrilled with the result.  When he saw them he took one look and informed me they were “really scary” as he devoured one!

Monster Treat Close Up - Pink Oatmeal

I used the wreath recipe that my mom has always used.  I will warn you it is a bit sticky.

1 stick of butter (I used salted)

1 bag of Marshmallows

1 tsp of Vanilla

Microwave until melted

Mix marshmallows, butter and vanilla together until smooth

Add your choice of food coloring (optional) – mix

4 cups of cornflakes

Mix all together

Monster Cookies - Pink Oatmeal

Normally, the next step would be to shape the mixture into the traditional wreathes.  Instead, I used a spoon and spooned them out into piles on wax paper.  Next, I added the eyes to the corn flake piles so I had my monsters.  The perfect monster treat for the not so crafty mom!

Monster Treats - Pink Oatmeal


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