Toddler Bed Rail Hack

We just transitioned C into his new twin bed.  Actually, he transitioned himself. We were having a bit of a struggle with the crib.  He would constantly throw a fit when we would try put him to bed in his crib. We bought the mattress and talked about his new bed.  He informed us that he wanted to sleep in his new bed, and the rest is history.  We have a mattress and box spring on the floor and not an actual bed frame yet.  I wanted him to be able to get in and out, but it was still just a bit high for my liking.  I tried just a mattress but too many outlets were available at that low of a level.  This meant that I needed to find a bed rail to ease my mind.

Toddler Bed Rail Hack - Pink Oatmeal

Toddler Bed Rail Hack

I went searching for a bed rail to order.  I couldn’t find any that I thought would work well with a box spring and mattress.  Honestly, I didn’t’ look all that hard as I came across the idea of using a pool noodle as a guard rail.  I was willing to try it, for naps first to make sure it was safe.  I was a bit skeptical it could be that easy.

Large Pool Noodle For Bed Rail - Pink Oatmeal

I have plenty of pool noodles around as I use them for several different things.  I made sure to use the big thick pool noodle versus the smaller ones.

Pool Noodle Under Sheet - Pink Oatmeal

I simply placed the pool noodle under the sheet.  No cutting was needed with a twin mattress.  It was the perfect size. Since the bed butts up to the wall on the opposite side I only needed to add it to one side.

Pool Noodle Under The Sheet - Pink Oatmeal

The Verdict

The verdict is out and I love it!  There have been no falls.  The noodle has stayed in place nicely.  C can climb over it, but it still remains in place.  We are very happy with this solution!

It would also be a great idea to bring along when traveling.  It’ll be our next trial when the pack and play no longer is an easy option!


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