Exercise Tips With A Baby and Toddler

With the start of January came the start of getting back to exercising after having my baby! It’s been tough figuring out how to lose the weight and fit in exercise this time around. I’m sure many of you can relate! Exercise was something that I did on a regular basis, but since having two kids it’s not like it used to be! Fitting in exercise has become more challenging with a baby, toddler, and cold weather! I’ve had to be creative in order to find ways to get exercise into my day. Here are a few of tips that have helped me make it work this month!

Pregnancy is over and you have your sweet baby girl or baby boy and a toddler at home.  Some suggestions on how to fit fitness into your routine when you are a busy mom!

Exercise With A Baby and Toddler

Have a designated space. I’ve found that if I have a space that I designate as my work-out area I’m more motivated. I have to be sure that it’s not too close to the baby or toddlers room so that I don’t wake them up! It doesn’t have to be fancy. Mine is in my living room. I have all my stuff in one space so I can easily pull it out.

Getting up before the toddler or baby are awake to fit in a work-out. As most parents know kids can be unpredictable and this doesn’t always happen. I aim to start my day with my workout first thing in the morning, but if that doesn’t work I have some things to fall back on!

Nap time is key! I always try to fit in my exercise routine when my baby and toddler are napping if I can’t get it in first thing in the morning. If I can’t get them both napping I have strategies to fit it in.

Don’t be too hard on yourself. If you miss one day it’s going to be okay! This happened to me my first week. I had two sick kids and couldn’t seem to get exercise in as much as I wanted. At first, I was upset as it was off “my plan” for the day, but quickly realized it was going to be okay and had to let it go! Life happens.

Pregnancy is over and you have your sweet baby girl or baby boy and a toddler at home.  Some suggestions on how to fit fitness into your routine when you are a busy mom!

Get a good baby monitor. I’ve been using the Levana Ovia monitor. I love that it has a long battery life so that when I’m squeezing in my workout I can have the monitor right near me. The 4.3″ size of the screen makes it easy to see everything and I love that I’m able to pan, tilt, and zoom the camera to see around the room. Another great feature of this monitor is the fact that I can put it in peep mode. This means that the battery life isn’t used up as fast. A really cool feature of the monitor is that it has photo and video recording built in. A micro SD card is also included to store the videos and photos until I’m ready to take them off the camera. I’m really liking the Levana Ovia so far!  See them on Facebook and check out their deals page!


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Typical Exercise Routine

I try to get my entire exercise routine done in 30 minutes. I feel that I’m getting a good work-out in while at the same time being realistic about how much time I can fit in. I like to do cardio and strengthening with my workout. Here is an example of what my exercise routine looks like.

*All exercises should be done in a pain free manner. It’s never good to have pain when you exercise. Feeling like your muscles are working is awesome but not any true pain. This post is not intended as any medical advice and all exercises should be performed at your own risk and under management of your own physician. *

Pregnancy is over and you have your sweet baby girl or baby boy and a toddler at home.  Some suggestions on how to fit fitness into your routine when you are a busy mom!


I try to find different things that work in the house. I have an exercise bike and will hop on that for 15 minutes. I’ve also found that running up and down the stairs can be a great cardio workout. I also may use a workout video to get some cardio in. I’m hoping to someday get a treadmill! The best part about cardio is that it doesn’t stop here. I continue my cardio when moving to strengthening exercises by going through them at a pace that keeps my heart rate up!


Squats – x30

Be sure not to let your knees cross over your toes. Keep your weight on your heels. Keep your bottom going backwards. Think of sitting in a chair that is behind you.

Heel Raises – x30

I go up on my tip toes and back down. Both motions are controlled and performed at a controlled pace.

Lunges -x30 (Each Leg)

Like the squats you want to make sure that your knee doesn’t move to far forward and cross your toe. You want to bring your back knee down toward the floor but not quite touching. Remember to hold your abdominals tight!

Planks – To Fatigue

I have to alternate between the modified version (with knees on the floor) and the regular typical push-up. This should not be felt in your low back. If you feel it in the low back you need to stop and start again!

Push-Ups – To Fatigue

I try to get in as many push ups as I can without cheating (by putting my bottom in the air). It’s okay to do the modified version as well with your knees on the ground. I always say good form is important. Why even bother doing an exercise if you aren’t doing it right?

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