Holiday Gift Guide – From PT’s and OT’s

Black Friday is upon us.  That day of crazy shopping around for deals…or has that become Thanksgiving now?  Having a newborn I’m opting out of the store rush this year.  I’ll admit I kind of like to go and people watch more than anything.  I’m usually not one who has a mad list.  I’m sure I’ll be participating on online sales though this year.  I can’t help myself.  One thing I always do try to do when it comes to gifts is make them practical and useful.  I’m lucky to collaborate with a great group of therapist bloggers.  Many of them have put together gift guides that focus on different developmental skills.  I love being able to reference these when I’m coming up with gift ideas.

Christmas Gift Ideas from physical and occupational therapists - Pink Oatmeal

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Holiday Gift Guide – From Physical and Occupational Therapists

  • Ideas for gifts for sensory seekers from Mama OT.
  • Toys and tools for finger isolation from Sugar Aunts.
  • Gifts for babies to promote motor development  from Pink Oatmeal.
  • Toys and Games for pencil grasp from Mama OT.

A huge list of gifts recommended by physical therapists and occupational therapists for your kids! #pediatricphysicaltherapy #pediatricoccupationaltherapy #holidaygifts

  • Top 8 toys for 2 year olds from Baby OT.
  • Stocking stuffers to promote motor development from Pink Oatmeal.
  • 10 toys and games for preschoolers from Mama OT.
  • Toys and tools to help with visual tracking from Sugar Aunts.
  • Stocking stuffers to help with pencil grasp from Mama OT.
  • 7 toys for toddlers from Mama OT.
  • Gifts to help kids learn scissor skills from Sugar Aunts.


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