DIY Box Spring Cover

Now that summer is here and I have some time off I have my usual list of things that I want to get done.  Since we just moved the little man to his new bed, one of my tasks was covering the ugly box spring up.  I shopped around looking for something that I could cover it with, but didn’t see anything I really liked.  I decided to try and conquer it on my own.  Especially since I wanted something that blended in with the sheets and quilt on his bed.  I found a quick, easy, and cheap way to DIY a box spring cover.

DIY Box Spring Cover - Pink Oatmeal

DIY Box Spring Cover

I started by buying some fabric.  I went with plain navy blue since his quilt has many colors, I didn’t want it to be too busy.  I paid about six dollars for the fabric and bought more than I needed as I always am afraid I will mess something up!  Let’s be honest, nobody wants to go fabric shopping with a toddler more than they have too.

Fabric Strip - Pink Oatmeal

I simply measured out the fabric and cut pieces to fit the box spring.  Since the bed is next to the wall, I opted to only cut fabric for the two sides that were showing.

Box Spring Staples - Pink Oatmeal

Next, I used a staple gun to attach the fabric along the bottom side.  I simply tipped the box spring up on it’s side so I could get some leverage and stapled away.  If you have excess fabric like I did, you can trim it off.

Box Spring Double Sided Tape - Pink Oatmeal

When it came to adhering it to the top of the box spring I didn’t have as much luck with the staple gun.  Since there was a little too much cushion on the top I couldn’t get the staples to stay in place so I used a double sided adhesive (affilate) to hold the fabric to the top of the box spring.

Box Spring Cover Corners - Pink Oatmeal

Since I was doing two sides I still wanted it to look pretty at the corners.  To solve this problem I simple folded the fabric on the side of my shorter end.  That way it looked like a nice clean corner.

DIY Box Spring Cover - Pink Oatmeal

I was happy with the result.  It cost me just over 10 dollars and I still had adhesive and fabric left.

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