DIY Baby Announcement

This weekend I got my Christmas cards done, had Santa pictures, and finished our baby announcement.  So many  pictures and today is my attempt at one month pictures! With everything going on this time of year I debated on doing a baby announcement since we were sending out Christmas cards anyway.  In the end, I opted to do one.  It wasn’t Carson’s fault that he was born just before the holiday season. I have a feeling the second child may not have quite as many pictures as the first.  Plus, I could do it myself and save a lot of money and get it done in just a few minutes.

DIY Baby Announcement - Pink Oatmeal

DIY Baby Announcement

With Cade’s birth announcement I used a generic Costco version.  Honestly, it wasn’t that cute, but thank goodness the baby saved the announcement by being so cute!  This time around I wanted it to be a bit cuter, but I didn’t want to spend a ton of money to send them out either.  Luckily there is Pic Monkey (affiliate) and I can create a DIY baby announcement myself in a matter of minutes.  I started by selecting the picture I wanted to use.  In selecting my picture I needed to make sure that there was appropriate space to write the information I wanted.

DIY Baby Announcment No Writing

The picture I selected had adequate space in the upper right hand corner of the picture to put in the information that I wanted to share in the announcement.

DIY Baby Announcement With Information - Pink Oatmeal

I simply used the text tool in Pic Monkey to add my text to the announcement.  There are also many different overlays that you can choose from.  I only added the heart to my announcement because I wanted to keep it simple.  This is really the fun part and you can be as creative as you’d like.

I opted for 4×6 prints this time around.  I sent them off to Costco to be printed.  I printed 75 cards for a whopping total of $12.75.  That is really hard to beat when it comes to 75 baby announcements!  I also loved how they turned out!  Much better than my first go around with a better price tag as well.


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