Balance Exercises For Kids

I love coming up with creative ways to work on balance exercises for kids.  Balance exercises don’t always require standing on one foot.  There are several different creative ways that you can work on balance exercise for kids.  Today, I’m going to share with you some of my favorite ways to work on balance!

Arctic Yoga Story

Arctic animal yoga is one of my favorite ways to make movement fun during the winter months. I love adding stories to these themed movement ideas to make the movement ideas even more captivating for kids. The winter yoga and movement story has been such a hit I created a an arctic yoga story. Like …

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Supportive Seating for the Classroom. A great resources for ideas and supportive seating suggestions. Great for special education, physical therapists, occupational therapists and beyond.

Supportive Classroom Seating -Alternative and Complex Classroom Seating Needs

I’m excited to welcome Nik Sell a school-based physical therapist to the blog today!  He will be sharing some great options for supportive classroom seating for alternative and complex classroom seating needs. Sitting. Sitting might seem like a pretty boring topic. Most of us spend a great deal of our day sitting. In a meeting. …

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Shapes Yoga Pose Ideas For Kids. A great shapes activity and a great way to combine movement and learning. The yoga pose ideas are so simple that anyone will be able to have fun moving and learning about shapes. Perfect for preschool gross motor!

All About Shapes Yoga For Kids

I love combining moving with learning and one fun way to do that is by doing shapes yoga for kids.  The yoga poses are your traditional yoga poses with a twist to make them easy for kids to relate to shapes.  It’s a fun way for kids to kinesthetically work on learning!

Sports Themed Yoga

Sports are something that my boys go crazy for.  So much so that my 14 month old girl walks around the house holding a football card saying “football” and smiling.  They love to bring their basketball, baseball, and football sports activity cards to daycare/preschool for everyone to do and everyone at daycare/preschool loves them.  With …

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Vertical Surface Activities for Gross Motor Skills

One of my favorite ways to do therapy with kids was using a vertical surface.  There are a ton of benefits to working on a vertical surface including wrist extension, spatial awareness, visual attentions, shoulder and elbow stability, core strength etc.  That being said, I also LOVED to use vertical surface activities to incorporate gross …

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Halloween motor planning activties. Ideas for activities that work on fine motor skills and gross motor skills with a Halloween theme. These activities are great for pre-k and kindergarten aged students. Use these fun ideas in the classroom, home or in therapy sessions.

Halloween Motor Planning Activities -Fine Motor and Gross Motor

With Halloween approaching it’s the perfect time to start thinking about Halloween motor planning activities.  It’s my five year olds favorite holiday and he gets really into Halloween.  We have several different fine motor and gross motor activities to do this year that all include a Halloween theme.  If Halloween isn’t something you celebrate be …

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