Groundhog’s Day Gross Motor Activity

With Groundhog’s Day quickly approaching I can’t wait to share with you a fun Groundhog’s Day gross motor activity. What I really like about this game is that it works perfect for Groundhog’s Day, but is also a game that can be used all year long. Since the Punxsutawney Phil is out looking for his shadow, this game is all about shadows!

Groundhog’s Day Gross Motor Activity

The main goal of the shadow game is to have kids imitate the shadow figures on the pictures in front of them. There is more than one way that this game can be played. The Shadow Gross Motor Game can be purchased in the shop!

Option 1

Use painter’s tape to mark a spot on the floor. At each spot place a shadow figure that the kids need to imitate when they get to that spot.

Groundhog's Day Gross Motor Activity - Shadow Game

You could leave it at that or you could add in obstacles in between each x on the floor. This may be something like walking heel to toe along a piece of tape or balance beam. It may be jumping from spot to spot, or it may be doing an agility ladder. The options are endless.

Option 2

Place shadow pictures on the wall at different stations. You could have kids move from station to station imitating each shadow figure. You can place one figure at a station or several.

Groundhog's Day Gross Motor Activity

This could also be blended into the floor option and made into a large obstacle course.

Option 3

Use your shadow pictures in card format. Let a child pick a card then that child or the entire group (depending on who is playing) imitates the shadow figure.

Groundhog's Day Gross Motor Cards

You could also use the cards by printing off 2 sets and playing a matching game. Once a match has been found, the child has to imitate the shadow.

See The Game In Action

This is just one of many ways that the shadow game can be played!

Go Digital

Pink Oatmeal also has an awesome Groundhog Day Gross Motor Digital Game that you can get! This game is awesome for both in person and distance learning or teletherapy. Pick a groundhog, meet your groundhog and get to know their name and try to make the shadow.


Get Your Game

Feel confident you have a fun Groundhog’s Day gross motor activity that can also be used year round when you play the Shadow’s Game. Get this game ready made for you right now and save time and effort. Your kids will LOVE this game and so will you.

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