Crossing the Midline Exercises for Kids

Have you heard the term crossing the midline?  What exactly does this mean?  Imagine a line down the center of your body. Crossing midline means that you can reach across the middle of your body (the imaginary line) to perform a task with your arms or legs.  This is a skills that starts to become established between 3-4.  Sometimes kids still need help working on this skill.  Today is all about crossing the midline exercises and activities for kids!

Crossing the Midline Exercises and Activity Ideas.

Crossing The Midline Exercises and Activities

The following videos are all about different ways to work on crossing midline! Also be sure to check out even more crossing the midline activities with a summer theme and why OT’s love crossing the midline for more ideas!

Quadruped Cross Crawls

In this exercise you are not only working on crossing midline, but you also have a great core workout going on!

Half Kneel Chops

The half kneel chops are a great way to work on core strength, balance, and midline crossing all in one exercise!

Prone Rainbows

These are such a fun way to work on upper extremity strength and midline crossing. Make this activity even better by creating a double rainbow. This can be done outside with chalk or on a large piece of paper indoors.

Quadruped Shoulder Taps

This activity is harder than it looks. Try it for yourself! Not only is it a great exercise for crossing the mildline, but it’s also a great way to work on core strength and upper extremity strengthening.

Peanut Ball Partner Crossing

This is a fun partner activity that can be done with a friend or an adult. Sitting on the peanut ball helps stabilize the hips and work on core strength. This can be done with bean bags, beanie babies, balls, or really anything that can easily be handed off and manipulated.

Get Core and Crossing The Midline Exercises

Want even more activities that include crossing the midline? Pink Oatmeal has a custom set of core strengthening exercise cards for kids. This set of exercises includes several activities that include crossing the midline along with core strengthening. Save yourself time and effort and get these today!

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