Fun Summer Themes That Encourage Movement

Summer is almost upon us!  It’s my favorite season.  I live in Minnesota, so you can’t really blame me.  I love being able to get outside almost every day!  I love to get up north, enjoy the lake, and have bonfires.  Summer also has many themes that are perfect for incorporating fun movement based based activities.  Below are some of my favorite summer themes that encourage movement!

Fun summer themes that are perfect for incorporating physical activity for kids. Fun themes can make adding movement so much for more for camps, summer school, physical therapy, occupational therapy , and more!

 Summer Themes That Encourage Movement

All of these different themes are great for summer, but can also be used year round.  These are great to use in your summer programming, therapy sessions, or at home! 


Camping is a summer activity that so many people love to partake in.  It’s also a super popular theme in schools and summer programs.  One of my favorite ways to encourage movement related to camping is with these camping themed yoga pose ideas.  Pose like a tent or a perform fire breathing.  A perfect way to start off a camping trip or camping unit with your little campers!  This is also the perfect opportunity to add forest themed movement cards.  

Fun summer themes that are perfect for incorporating physical activity for kids. Fun themes can make adding movement so much for more for camps, summer school, physical therapy, occupational therapy , and more!


Who doesn’t love to get out to at least one baseball game.  Whether it is the little league or the major league almost everyone partakes in some sort of baseball activity over the summer. Baseball also encourages really fun ways to move including jumping to catch that fly ball or squatting to field the ball!  Check out all of the baseball themed gross motor ideas.  

Baseball themed activities! This one is the best for baseball themed games, gross motor, or a brain break. Use these baseball themed brain breaks in the classroom, for preschool gross motor, PT, OT, SLP or at home. The kids LOVE the baseball theme. Such great ideas for World Series gross motor and World Series games too!

Insects, Bugs, and Creepy Crawlers

What kid doesn’t love to investigate insects, bugs or creepy crawlers.  Personally, I prefer to stay away from them, but I remember catching them as a kid and my little guy loves them right now.  The good news is that insects, bugs, and creepy crawlers can be made into yoga poses. I also love these fun Insect Themed Movement Cards.  

What fun ways to incorporate movement into an insect theme! I love that these kids yoga poses are all insect, bugs, or creepy crawlers themed. Great for gross motor, preschool activities, kindergarten activities and beyond!


I live with a big fisherman.  When we are at the lake he is fishing.  I go out time to time and try to catch the bigger fish.  I will not touch the fish or the worm (I’m a bit scared).  My fisherman husband has to help.  He is determined to make our little boys fisherman.  I am determined to make movement fun with a fishing theme!

Pirate and Princess

This is a fun theme that is great for summer.  It can include pirate games or princess games.  I love to use the different ideas from the Pirate and Princess Movement Pack for getting in physical activity.    

Picnic Theme

Who doesn’t love a picnc?  Some of the best ways to add movement to a picnic is with fun picnic games.  Relay games are perfect for this.  Be sure to check out all the different relay races for kids.  There are several fun videos to watch.




Beach Party

Summer isn’t quite complete without a beach theme! Whether you are going to the ocean or lake this is a fun theme to add movement.  Start of with ocean themed brain breaks and movement or ocean yoga pose ideas.   Island hopping is another really fun game to add to your physical activty with an ocean theme.  Check out all of the different ocean/beach gross motor and fine motor activity ideas



Go Digital This Summer

There are many great digital game options from Pink Oatmeal that go great with a summer theme as well!  Here are some you should check out now!


Work on one to one correspondence while moving. Your kids will love counting the ants and moving when they get the correct answer!









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